Small cars increase in popularity


Friday 01 May 2015

Navigating the inner city streets can be tricky with everything from tight laneways to small parking spots, so it’s no wonder that small car sales have increased by 15% in the first three months of 2015, according to

Small car sales increase by 15%

Speaking to Australian Automotive Intelligence industry analyst Richard Johns, the news site revealed that cheap domestic flights were also a significant reason that many Aussies are opting for compact hatchbacks, over the larger alternatives available.

Johns told the website, “very few people drive between our major capital cities now that cheap flights have become more widely available.”

“Once upon a time one family car had to meet all our needs...Now Australians are buying personal cars that better suit their individual needs.”

Another drawcard of smaller cars, otherwise coined as light cars is the advancement in technology features, as Johns explained that small cars aren’t what they used to be. “People are finding that small cars meet most of their requirements now that the know what they’re truly capable of.”

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