Rewards credit card study finds AMEX cardholders most satisfied

A credit cardholder study conducted in May, based on responses from 3,825 Australians, has found AMEX rewards customers are the most satisfied with their provider.

International consumer rating body, J.D Power, considered factors such as interaction, card terms and rewards in its research. Out of 1,000 points, AMEX scored the highest at 755.

Interestingly, the findings revealed while most popular rewards among cardholders were gift cards, airline tickets and cash back offers, special events and hotel stays were least important.

Director of J.D Power, Gordon Shields did say however that due to a recent cut back of rewards, consumers need to be doing their research.

“The overall decline in value of some programs should prompt consumers to look around for the best offerings in order not to squander the potential benefits they can get from cards,” he said.

Apart from analysing how consumers use their rewards cards and which providers are most popular, the study also looked at how frequently Aussie consumers actively use a bank app to track their card activities. It found an increase from 15% to 26% year on year.

“With the increasing use of digital channels, card issuers have a greater opportunity than ever to reach out to customers and inform them directly about the benefits attached to their cards,” said manager Loi Truong from J.D Power.

3 tips for getting the most out of your rewards credit card:

1. Read the T’s and C’s thoroughly and watch out for expiry dates and points caps.

2. Take advantage of bonus points and look out for cashback offers.

3. Add an extra cardholder so you can build up points together.

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