Sydneysiders get new alternative to paying uber taxi credit card surcharges.

Sydney taxi users now have an alternative option to paying the exorbitant surcharges by cabs for fares paid on credit card with the launch of uberTAXI.

Since the ban on excessive credit card surcharges by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) on March 18 2013 there has been much news on the excessive surcharges for credit card payments by the likes of airlines and taxis. Although the ban is now in place, a number of vendors have renamed the fees as other charges or even blatantly held the surcharge in place leaving consumers no choice but to fork out the fee.

However now, at least for Sydneysiders, there is a new alternative option to paying credit card surcharges for a cab ride. The launch of uberTAXI by driver and car hire company Uber lets users order and pay for a cab all over a mobile phone application, according

As funds are deducted from credit card information stored on the application, the need to pay a surcharge for the use of expensive card payment hardware installed in the taxi has been removed. And while it's clearly beneficial for consumers, taxi drivers will likely be quick to adopt to the technology as well as the system guarantees that they will receive the fare from the passenger.

Any alternative that removes the need to pay unnecessary credit card surcharges is likely to be welcomed by consumers but Australians should also be paying close attention to their own credit card fees and should regularly check to insure they are not paying more than they need to. Australians can compare credit cards to find a better deal on Mozo.

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