The 3 best ways to use your rewards points

Racking up credit card rewards points is relatively easy, but working out how to redeem them for the most value is the tricky part. Should you cash in on a free flight overseas or is that new iPhone a better redemption choice?

Mozo’s experts crunched the numbers to reveal the best value redemption options for Qantas Frequent Flyer members and found three clear winners…

1. Flight upgrade

We all know the price difference between an economy and business fare is significant. For instance a person flying from Sydney to Melbourne will pay $590 more for that extra legroom and seat space.

But our experts discovered that smart travellers can use 10,000 of their QFF points to get that upgrade for free. In this scenario a reward point is worth almost 6 cents - see why it topped our list as offering the best value?

2. Domestic flight

The next best value redemption option found by Mozo’s experts was cashing in your rewards points on a domestic business flight. Here’s the scenario:

A business flight from Sydney to Melbourne costs $750, and to get this flight for free a traveller will need 16,000 points. Once fees and taxes of $34 are subtracted, this brings each rewards point to the value of a considerably high 4.5 cents.

3. International flight

If jet-setting across the globe is on your to-do list, you’ll be happy to hear that Mozo found international flights to be the third best way to use your rewards points.

For a Sydney to London economy flight you’d be paying around $1,000, but you could get this flight for free (excluding the $263 fees and taxes) for 60,000 rewards points.

While the value for each rewards point might not be as high as the flight upgrade or domestic flight, it’s still decent value at 1.25 cents for each point.

Where to next?

Now you know how to redeem your points it’s time to plump up your points stash. You can compare the best rewards cards and bonus point offers at Mozo’s rewards credit card comparison hub.