NAB adds serious style to new Platinum Visa Debit Card


NAB has today announced the imminent arrival of its Platinum Visa Debit Card, which is stacked full of features that make this debit card feel a little more like a credit card.

The card is available for customers who have an everyday banking account with NAB, such as the Mozo Experts Choice winning Classic Banking Account and will be available at some point in December 2017.

While you’ll have to pay a $10 monthly account fee to access this upgraded debit card, it comes crammed full of fancy details that live up to its “platinum” title.

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The “platinum” features of NAB’s Platinum Visa Debit Card

  • No foreign currency fee on international purchases: Feel free to use the NAB Platinum Visa Debit Card on your abroad adventures or simply spend big on overseas online retailer sites without the worry of any foreign currency fees.

  • Up to $10 cashback per month: NAB give you the opportunity to earn your money back on the monthly account fee via contactless payments. You’ll get 1% back on each contactless payment you make, whether it be for a coffee or clothes, and is capped at a $1000 net spend per month.

  • A range of complimentary insurances: This card also comes with overseas travel, interstate flight inconvenience, purchase protection, price protection and extended warranty insurance - to name a few.

  • Access to NAB’s Concierge Service: Let someone else take care of that restaurant or hotel reservation, or get some help booking flights or accommodation for your overseas adventure.

Mozo Director of Data Services and Insights, Andrew Duncanson, said that this card was a unique offering on the market that represented good value for Aussies who travel abroad often or spend a lot of money on overseas sites.

“This card comes with a range of features that you would usually associated with a credit card and is a great option for Aussies travelling who want a no-fuss, convenient way to maximise their money overseas,” he said.

“On top of that, you’re given a whole range of complimentary insurances like travel insurance and access to NAB’s concierge service. For a debit card, these are great features.”

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The dashing of foreign exchange fees comes less than a week after ING withdrew any overseas purchase or ATM fees for customers of its Orange Everyday Account, but few providers offer a similar type of product in the Aussie debit card market.

One of those providers is Bankwest, whose Rewards Transaction Account allows customers to earn rewards points on their debit purchases. A similar offer also exists in the form of Macquarie’s Platinum Transaction Account, which offers a range of premium perks if you’re meeting the monthly minimum deposit of $4,000.

If you’re after a piece of plastic that’ll make the most of your everyday banking, check out a few of the Visa Debit options available below or head to Mozo’s bank account comparison tables.

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