Energy Australia offers free 20% Greenpower supporting the renewables push

Energy Australia has released a new offer of 20% Greenpower at no extra cost for the next 12 months, just as its managing director publicly threw her support behind renewable energy.

Catherine Tanna, Energy Australia's managing director, recently told The Business that Energy Australia had its concerns about skyrocketing bills.

"We've seen that customers over the weekend in some places in Australia used 25 per cent more than usual,” she said.

"In a couple of months when these bills turn up they are going to get a surprise and I am worried about that because I know that the cost of living is a concern for them."

Although Energy Australia is currently one of the country's largest operators of coal-fired power stations, Tanna said the solution to high energy prices was for Australia to plan a smooth transition to using renewables in the future.

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"As at today, newer forms of energy are more expensive than some of the older forms of energy, but over the next 20 years those older, cheaper forms of energy are going to retire," she said.

"That's a reality and that's why we need a plan to transition into those newer forms of energy."

And Energy Australia is putting its money where its mouth is, recently unveiling an offer that will give customers in ACT, NSW, VIC, QLD and SA who are on the Flexi Saver plan the chance to snag 20% Greenpower at no extra cost for 12 months.

20% Greenpower usually costs around 1.69 cents per kWh, so the offer could represent a saving of $110 over the 12 month period (assuming an annual usage of 6500 kWh).

New customers signing up to the Flexi Saver plan also receive a $50 credit off their first bill (excluding QLD).

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Tanna’s support for renewables is part of a wider push across Australian industry groups, including Business Council of Australia, the Australian Aluminium Council and World Wildlife Fund, who are calling for a comprehensive plan for Australia’s ongoing energy future.

You can find more information about Energy Australia here, or, if you’d like to check out what other energy options are out there, head over to our energy comparison tool. If you’re looking to embrace renewables with a eco-friendly plan, remember to select the option for green energy.


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