Energy savings to be made by insulating properties more

Property owners would receive cheaper energy bills if they just insulated their homes more than the country’s minimum requirements in building regulations.

According to a report by infrastructure group Pitt & Sherry, state governments and homeowners could save $312 million over 30 years if they increased current standards.

"There is a huge potential for a very large number of Australian homes, which currently have insufficient insulation," said General Manager of the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity, Tony Westmore.

Pitt & Sherry analysed the typical construction of single story, double storey and semi-detached homes in the capital cities of Australia and New Zealand.

When typical properties were measured against local building standards in the report, it revealed that, on average, most ceilings in Aussie homes required 50% more insulation and walls 35% to save optimal energy.

In light of the findings, Westmore added it’s “crazy” that air conditioning is more popular in Australia than homes constructed to shield the weather.

He also warned against Aussies switching on the air conditioning in poorly insulated homes, as it would result in "letting money out through their roof".

While homeowners have the luxury of improving their property’s structure for energy efficiency, tenants may need to improvise when it comes to cutting the cost of bills.

As government body, Fairer Safer Housing noted in a report back in May, over 50% of rented homes have some form of insulation, compared to 95% among owner-occupied homes.

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