Pooled Energy

Combining energy expertise with backyard pools are Pooled Energy. Their goal is to dramatically reduce energy consumption in our pools to deliver savings and a more sustainable future.

Who is Pooled Energy?

Pooled Energy are experts when it comes to helping your pool look and work at its best all while keeping costs low. They believe that a better working pool can not only trim your household’s  energy bill, but also take pressure off the grid.

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Where is Pooled Energy available?

Pooled Energy currently provide their energy plans and services to households in NSW.

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Pooled Energy electricity plans and packages

Pooled Energy offer two types of plans to customers - an Electricity and Pool Plan, which is a Market Offer for new customers that features electricity and pool services, and an Electricity Only Plan which is a Standing Offer for existing customers. The price of your plan will depend on the tariff you select - either time of use or anytime.

In order to determine your supply and manage your energy to your home’s advantage, Pooled Energy uses an intelligent communication system. If you sign up to Pooled Energy, the retailer will install sensors and a smart automation system that they call an ‘Intelligent Pool Controller’ (IPC).

The IPC then communicates with the Network Operating Centre (NOC), which communicates with the Weather Bureau, the National Energy Market and the grid. All of this is monitored by their Energy Management Team. This way, your pool’s chemistry and energy usage is constantly optimised for a range of factors, including swimming activity, the cost and price of power and the state of the grid.

With Pooled Energy there is a one-off $330 installation fee and a $67 monthly management fee. You may also have to pay for any chemicals Pooled Energy supply.

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Pooled Energy features to keep in mind

Free pool inspection 

One of the services Pooled Energy provides is a free, no obligation pool inspection to see if your pool is the right fit for a Pooled Energy plan. 

Usage reduction 

According to Pooled Energy 40% of a household’s energy usage comes from its pool, so by switching, households could reduce this figure down to just 10%. 


There are around 1.4 million pool owners in Australia and if they switched to Pooled Energy, the country could save 4.2 million tonnes of carbon being released into the atmosphere every year. 

Healthy pool promise 

Aside from saving on your energy bill, Pooled Energy also work to reduce the amount of chemicals and maintenance needed, resulting in a healthier backyard pool. 

Solar friendly 

Pooled Energy’s free Solar Optimiser can help you save on energy by running your pool on solar on sunny days, from off-peak on rainy/cloudy days or a mix of energy at other times.

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Switching and moving with Pooled Energy

Once you decide to make the switch to Pooled Energy, they will then become your electricity supplier for both your pool and home. Then once you sign up to Pooled Energy, the retailer will get into contact with your current retailer and make the transfer without interrupting your supply.

Pooled Energy only provide electricity, so if you are thinking of switching, you will need to keep your current gas provider.

Pooled Energy customer reviews

The Mozo communicty has rated Pooled Energy products and services on different specifications ranging from pricing and bill clarity to customer satisfaction and green energy.

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Pooled Energy Electricity
7.0 /10
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Recent Pooled Energy electricity reviews

  • Pooled Energy Electricity review

    Overall rating   7 / 10

    Very trustworthy and friendly. I would recommend them.

    6 / 10
    Bill clarity
    8 / 10
    Customer service
    6 / 10
    Green Friendly
    7 / 10
    Maria, New South Wales, reviewed about 1 year ago
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