Activenet NBN plans

Whether you’re after a fast, reliable internet connection or something that tailors to the whole family, Activenet has plans to suit all kinds of internet usage. Their quality plans feature generous monthly usage limits and options to purchase extra usage at any time. So there’s no prizes for guessing why they walked away with 5 mighty fine 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Awards. 

About Activenet

100% Australian-owned, Activenet, provides high-quality NBN, Phone, Broadband and Private Network services to business and residential customers. They focus on quality of service, connection and fast speeds of up to 100Mbps. 

Plus, Activenet hands the power over to you to choose a plan that suits your internet needs, with options to mix and match a range of contract terms, speeds and data limits. However, depending on which contract you choose will affect the activation cost. With all of Activenet’s plans you’ll receive a free Wi-Fi Modem valued at $199. 

Activenet award-winning NBN plans

300GB Fast

If there’s only a few people in your household using the internet for things like browsing the web, SD video streaming and to send emails, then Activenet’s multi Mozo Experts Choice Award winning 300GB Fast plan might be fitting. On either the no lock-in contract or the 24 month contract, for just $49.00 per month you can get 25Mbps typical evening speed and 300GB data. 

Won a Mozo Experts Choice Award for:

  • Standard NBN Contract
  • Standard NBN No Lock-in

300GB Faster

Looking for internet that gets things done quickly? Then listen up, because Activenet’s 300GB Faster plan, which bagged two Mozo Experts Choice Awards, could be the one for you. At $59 a month, plenty of people in your household can access 50Mbps typical evening speed for everything from HD video streaming to playing games or working from home. 

Won a Mozo Experts Choice Award for:

  • Standard Plus NBN Contract
  • Standard Plus NBN No Lock-in

300GB Fastest

The Mozo Experts Choice Award winning 300GB Fastest plan, is available for $79.00 per month on a 24 month contract. If very fast, reliable internet is what you’re after, then look no further, with this plan you’ll get a speedy 100Mbps typical evening speed for your whole family, (plus some ring-ins) to enjoy browsing the web, HD video and music streaming all at the same time.

Won a Mozo Experts Choice Award for:

  • Premium NBN Contract

How to sign up with Activenet

To sign up with Activenet, head to their website, select your contract term, speed and a data limit between 300GB and unlimited and Activenet will provide you with an overview of your plan, including fees and total minimum charges. All your details can be entered online and completed in just four simple steps. Keep in mind, to be able to set up an NBN plan, your premises needs to be registered as an active dwelling on the NBN Network, but this can be checked during the sign up process. 

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