Exetel NBN plans

Exetel was a favourite in this year’s Mozo People’s Choice Awards, with four of its plans picking up awards. But it’s not just our judges that were impressed by what Exetel has to offer — it also scored well among customers. Exetel was also recognised in the 2019 Mozo People’s Choice Awards for both Connection Speed and Outstanding Customer Satisfaction. 

About Exetel

Exetel was founded in 2001, and it’s since gone one of Australia’s largest independent internet service providers. It’s positioned itself as a major challenger to the big telcos, and has won over a large user base with its low prices and customer-centric approach. 

With Exetel, you’ll get your pick between two kinds of NBN speeds - NBN50 and NBN100 - with three tiers on offer when it comes to data allowances. You can also choose between a no-contract option or a 12 month contract, which can save you $5 to $10 per month.

If you opt for the latter, there are also no modem and activation costs except for a $20 delivery fee. If, however, you go for the no-contract option, you’ll either have to provide your own modem, or purchase a new Exetel modem for $59. 

Of the plans available, you’re sure to find one that suits your budget and data needs. And if at any point you decide to switch plans, you can easily do so without having to worry about any early termination fees. Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to do this more than once a month. 

Exetel award-winning NBN plans

NBN50 - 500GB

Won a Mozo Experts Choice Award for: 

  • Standard Plus NBN Contract
  • Standard Plus NBN No Lock-in

Small households that use the internet for basic browsing and streaming should find the 43 Mbps evening speeds offered by this plan to be more than enough. And given the monthly cost of $54.99, it will hardly put a dent in your budget.

NBN50 - Unlimited data

Won a Mozo Experts Choice Award for: 

  • Unlimited Standard Plus NBN Contract
  • Standard Plus NBN Contract

Anyone who works from home or streams regularly will find this plan particularly accommodative, and you won’t have to worry too much about experiencing slow speeds if multiple people are online at once. At $59.99 - only $5 extra than the 500GB option - it’s a good bet for anyone who wants reasonably fast internet without any caps on data.

NBN100 - 500GB

Won a Mozo Experts Choice Award for:  

  • Premium NBN Contract
  • Premium NBN No Lock-in

Under this plan, you can expect evening speeds of 83 Mbps for $79.99 per month, which should be more than enough to service a family of medium to heavy internet users with multiple devices and a fondness of online streaming services. 

NBN100 - Unlimited data

Won a Mozo Experts Choice Award for: 

  • Unlimited Premium NBN Contract

If your household consists of several heavy internet users, each with multiple devices, an unlimited data allowance will make sure that everyone can jump online, stream their favourite shows in HD, and upload and download large files without a hitch. At $89.99 per month it’s quite pricey, but might be necessary for large families or anyone who’s house sharing. 

How to sign up with Exetel

If you’ve got your sights on a particular Exetel plan, the sign-up process should be fairly easy. You’ll just need to select your contract terms (12 month plan or no lock-in), speed tier and data allowance. For an additional $10 per month, you can get an unlimited home phone plan. And if you need a modem you’ll be able to get one for $59 (plus $20 shipping) if you opt for the no lock-in plan, or free if you go for the 12 month contract.

To see how Exetel fares when compared to other providers, check out our full list of Mozo Experts Choice Awards NBN winners. And if you need a refresher course on the NBN and its benefits, be sure to read our NBN guide.