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Important information on terms, conditions and sub-limits
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Whether it’s taking a tumble down the stairs or getting stuck in a peculiar place, our pets love to get themselves into all sorts of trouble. But sometimes our pets hurt more than their pride and wind up taking the trip to the vet.

1300 insurance know all too well about the financial toll vet bills can take on the average budget, which is why they developed an accident-only policy to help cover the cost.

And it looks like that policy was a clear winner in the eyes of our expert judges, as its just received a Mozo Experts Choice Award.

“If you’re a pet owner, you’re bound to have experienced a scare at least once in your pet’s life, which can often mean forking out on vet bills. 1300 insurance can help take care of the financial burden, leaving you to focus on making sure your pet gets back on track,” said expert judge, Peter Marshall.

“1300 received an award in the Exceptional Value Accident Insurance category for offering a competitively priced policy, given the level of cover a customer would receive.”

About 1300 insurance

If there’s one thing 1300 insurance strive for, it’s to make insurance of any kind is affordable and easy to access. 1300 insurance understand how stressful making an insurance claim can be, especially when it comes to your pets, that’s why they keep their premiums low and their benefits high. 1300 insurance also offer home, car, travel, life and even small business insurance.

But just because 1300 insurance don’t specialise in one insurance doesn’t mean they lack experience. Not only are they backed by insurance experts, all of their products are underwritten by some of Australia’s largest insurance companies, like The Hollard Insurance Company.

About 1300 insurance’s Mozo Experts Choice Award win

1300 insurance was awarded a Mozo Experts Choice Award in the Exceptional Value Accident Insurance category. For this category, our judges assessed the cheapest policies given the level of cover a customer would receive. So without further ado, let’s jump into 1300 Insurance’s award winning policy.

Accident-only Pet Insurance

The Accident-only Pet Insurance policy received a 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Award for Exceptional Value Accident Insurance. As the name suggests, this type of insurance covers your pets in the event of an accident, like motor accidents, spider or snake bites or electrocution. And by having an Accident-only Insurance policy on you side, you’ll be covered for things like surgery, hospitalisation or even a required consultation.

However as this is just an accident-only policy, there are a few things that are not covered, such as:

It’s important to know the ins and outs of every insurance policy you take out, to ensure you won’t ever be left out of pocket. You can do this by heading over to the 1300 insurance website and having a read through their Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

About the Mozo Experts Choice Awards

For many Aussies, it can be tricky to find the financial products that are best suited to their needs. That’s where the Mozo Experts Choice Awards come in. Every year, our expert judges dive headfirst into a pool of financial products to highlight those that not only provide value for money, but undeniable quality.

And with this year being our first year to hand out awards for pet insurance, our judges intensely analysed pricing and cover information from 28 different insurance providers. This was then followed by a detailed number crunch, where they gathered quotes for a range of common dog and cat breeds.

So if you’d like to find out more about our other winners, check out our Mozo Experts Choice Pet Insurance Awards winners page.