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Mozo editorial review 1st for Women Comprehensive Car Insurance

Last updated: 18 August 2020.

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What's hot
  • $20 million legal liability cover
  • 24-hour claims service
  • Up to 15% no-claims discount
What's not
  • $600 excess for drivers under 21
  • Monthly premium payment costs extra
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If you’re after a comprehensive car insurance policy that offers cover for a range of events, with products tailor-made for the needs of Aussie women, then 1st for Women might be the one for you. 

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Key features

1st for Women focuses on rewarding women based on their statistically lower risk as drivers. Research shows this driving behaviour has a knock-on benefit for insurance companies, as claims made by women involve less damage, which generally comes at a lower cost for insurers.

With a 1st for Women Comprehensive Car Insurance policy, women drivers receive a range of cover without the hefty bill, as a higher excess is applied to male drivers (alongside young and inexperienced drivers) so female drivers can enjoy lower premiums.

Not only can you access a 24/7 claims service, but in the event that your car is written off, 1st for Women will replace it with a brand spanking new car, as long as it’s less than 12 months old and has driven less than 20,000 kilometres.

If your keys are stolen the policy will cover the costs up to $1,000. 1st for Women will also repair or replace any personal effects (up to $250), including child seats in your car if they are damaged in the event of a crash, as well as covering emergency transport and accommodation of up to $100 a day ($300 in total).

There are a few features that aren’t covered as part of 1st for Women standard Comprehensive Car Insurance policy. There are extras like roadside assistance, rental car cover (up to 14 days if your wheels are damaged in an at-fault accident), and the option to reduce your windscreen excess by varying your premium.

Who is it good for

Responsible women who don’t want to pay a high premium but also want to avoid a hefty repair bill after an accident.

Any catches

Men, you are welcome here! But to reward statistically safer female drivers with a lower premium, you will pay a higher excess. 

Also keep an eye out for the extra excess on young, inexperienced and unlisted drivers, plus charges for monthly premium payments.


Rates and fees information correct as at 20 September 2020. Mozo has robust processes to ensure our site is updated to reflect the latest information from providers. There may be the odd occasion where updates are delayed, so please confirm information before purchasing.
Discounts and excesses
  • Yes costs extra

  • $450 - $1,850

  • $600 for drivers under 21, $500 for drivers under 24, $600 for unlisted drivers, $500 for inexperienced drivers over 24. Extra $200 for any claims by a male driver.

  • Not Published

  • 5 years

  • n/a

  • 25% if combined with Home and Contents

  • Maximum no claim discount protection is optional with additional premium

  • n/a

Service features
  • Optional Extra

  • Optional Extra

  • Yes

  • n/a

  • n/a

Coverage summary
  • Agreed or Market

  • Yes - within 1 year and 20,000 km of original registration

  • Up to $250 if damaged.

  • Yes - standard excess. Option to reduce windscreen excess to $40 for an additional premium.

  • Up to $500

  • Reasonable towing costs. Up to $300 travel and accommodation costs (max $100 per day).

  • Yes - Up to 14 days, max $1,000 total.

  • Not at fault - Yes. At fault - Optional Extra. Up to 14 days.

  • Yes - legal liability cover when using a substitute vehicle.

  • Up to $500 for trailer only.

  • Up to $1,000 if stolen.

  • Up to $250

  • Covered only if agreed in writing.

  • No

  • No

*Any information provided on this page should be considered a summary and general advice only. All information should be verified before purchase via the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

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