4 car insurance features worth looking for

By Olivia Gee ·
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Finding a car insurance policy with all the features you need and want can be like parallel parking in torrential rain. You might think you’ve ticked everything off – checked your mirrors and your blind spot – but there could be hidden costs in the foggy fine print.

Avoid driving blind as you seek out the perfect policy by considering these hard-to-find car insurance features. We’ve found providers offering them as standard in their comprehensive car insurance policies.

Choice of repairer

Being able to choose your own repairer after an accident puts you in the driver’s seat to ensure the highest quality of repairs. It also means you can head to a specialist mechanic, choose a shop in a convenient location, and not have to wait in the generally longer line for insurer-preferred repairers.

Some insurance policies won’t give you the option for this feature, while others include it as an optional extra, which will bump up your premium cost slightly. Others like Ubicar include this choice as standard at no additional cost.

Ubicar Comprehensive Car Insurance

    It’s all about flexibility and driver-led choices at Ubicar. Choosing your own repairer to fix your wheels after an insured event won’t cost you more – but that’s not the only way to save. This innovative new provider runs everything through the Ubicar App which tracks your driving habits. This means if you’ve been driving safely or less often, your monthly premium will be reduced. You’ll always be in the know about your Ubicar rating, as you can track all the app data, and can improve your driving to keep paying less.

    It’s important to note insurer-preferred repairers are guaranteed by the provider, so if the car is damaged while being repaired, you can also claim that through your policy. If you choose your own repairer, you’ll have to sort out these damages yourself.

    Rideshare use

    Are you a driver for a rideshare service like Uber or Ola? Scour your car insurance PDS, because you may not be covered when driving to make a buck.

    Traditionally ‘carrying passengers for a monetary reward’ has been an exclusion on car insurance policies, but as the rideshare industry has grown, it’s become easier to find coverage for this. Many policies offer rideshare cover as an optional extra, but some like Woolworths Comprehensive Car Insurance include it straight off the taxi rank.

    Woolworths Comprehensive Car Insurance

      Whether you’re a full-time rideshare driver or only making the occasional trip for extra pocket money, Woolworths Comprehensive Car Insurance will keep you covered. Want more savings? Beyond first-year discounts for applying online and being a more seasoned driver (over 25), you can also drive down the price of your premium by choosing a higher excess. Conversely, if you’re concerned about paying out a big excess should an accident occur, you can cut that down by raising your premium.

      Check out this guide to rideshare services and your car insurance for a comprehensive list of providers offering the feature.

      Pay-as-you-drive cover

      Pay-as-you-drive car insurance is pretty much what it says on the tin: a payment rate linked to how much you drive. If you only drive occasionally or for shorter distances, some insurers will offer a reduced premium, since you’re driving less and thus mathematically less likely to get in an accident and cost them dough by making a claim.

      Generally, the amount you drive and the premium reduction is agreed upon when you take out a policy, but this can be adjusted if you find yourself racing beyond that target. This is pretty much the deal at Real Insurance.

      Real Insurance Pay As You Drive Car Insurance

        Real Insurance says you could save as much as $220 on your premium by choosing Pay As You Drive. You’ll still get every benefit of the comprehensive cover, it’ll just be at a rate that matches your road time. These extensive features include cover for up to $500 in emergency repairs and towing to get your wheels back on the road sooner, and new-for-old replacement if your car is written off within two years of registration.

        No lock-ins or cancellation fees

        As a driver, you need to be properly insured to protect yourself and others. But having the option to cancel your car insurance policy if your circumstances change seems fair, right? 

        Unfortunately, some insurers will require you to pay an early cancellation fee when you leave your policy before the agreed-upon premium end date. Others might not refund some of your unused premium – if you pay in monthly and don’t see out the month, you might not be refunded the difference. 

        Check out Poncho Insurance for a policy that’s all about flexibility in this department.

        Poncho Comprehensive Car Insurance

          This policy operates a bit like a subscription-style service. You pay monthly at no extra cost (like you might with many other insurers) and can cancel your cover at any time without getting slapped with a parting gift fee. Just remember you will have to finish up the month’s premium payment. Beyond this, Poncho keeps things manageably simple, with a flat $800 excess for listed drivers and a 24/7 claims service.

          If you’re after more specialised features, scope out what’s on offer using Mozo’s car insurance comparison tool.

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