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Stella is a car insurance provider on a mission to challenge male-dominated industries in Australia. The female-led company supports female motorists by offering lower premiums to match their statistically safer driving habits, as well as more tailored coverage to (hopefully) meet the ever-evolving needs of Aussie women.

They’re also looking beyond the car insurance industry at Stella by dedicating a portion of the company’s profits to supporting female-founded businesses through the Stella Squad program. In terms of car insurance policies, Stella exclusively offers comprehensive cover and is underwritten by QBE.

Stella offers the following car insurance policies

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Product Monthly premiums available Maximum no claim discount Online discount Choice of repairer
Comprehensive Car Insurance

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Who can get Stella car insurance? 

Stella’s comprehensive car insurance policy covers anyone who drives your car, as long as they meet the terms and conditions. This includes a learner driver, driving your car while under supervision from a fully licensed driver.

While the company is geared towards the needs of women, men can still easily take out a policy with Stella. Male drivers will see a bump in their premium though, as lower rates are reserved for female customers who are statistically lower-risk drivers.

What’s covered under a Stella car insurance policy?

Stella’s car insurance cover is comprehensive, meaning it covers your vehicle and items within it in a whole range of circumstances. This includes:

  • Theft and accidental damage

  • New car replacement (if it’s written off in the first three years and driven under 60,000km)

  • Up to $2,000 for damaged or stolen baby gear (like car capsules, booster seats and prams)

  • Up to $1,000 cover for personal items you leave in your car

  • Domestic cover

  • Emergency accommodation, transportation costs and towing 

  • $30 million third party liability.

What is Stella’s domestic cover?

Stella’s domestic cover exists so any deliberate damage done to your car by a current or former spouse or partner can be covered by the policy. The only additional step you’ll need to take for this kind of cover is to report the incident to the police.

How will the cost of my car insurance premium be determined by Stella?

The premium Stella charges you will be dependent on your driving history, any optional extras you’ve included with your policy, plus your gender and age.

Factors Stella may take into consideration when determining your premium include:

Information about drivers listed on your policy: This includes their age, driving history and whether they are female, male or non-binary.

Information about your car: This includes the make, model and age of your car, the address where it’s kept, if it has any modifications, its general condition, what it’s used for and how often it’s driven.

Any claims made on your policy: The cost of your premium may go up following any claims made on your policy.

Whether or not you have chosen an agreed value: The higher your agreed value, the higher your premium will be. If you go for market value over agreed value, your premium may be lower but the payout to cover a total replacement could be lower.

How frequently you make payments: Your premium may come with an extra processing fee if you choose to pay it monthly rather than yearly.

Does Stella car insurance have a no claims bonus?

Stella does not have a no claim bonus, but it does have something fairly similar: a no claim reward. This program aims to reward you for driving safely just like a no claims bonus, but instead of cutting down your premium, it reduces your excess.

For each consecutive year that you either make no claim or make only a not-at-fault claim, Stella will increase your no claim reward by $100. You can increase your no claim reward for three years (up to a maximum of $300).

So, if there is an incident and you do have to make a claim, whatever no claim reward you have built up will be deducted from your excess (the amount you have to pay before your insurance kicks in). If you are claiming for anything other than a not-at-fault incident, then your no claim reward will reset back to $0 in the next policy period.

How to make a car insurance claim with Stella

To make a claim with Stella, you will have to login to the customer portal, select the policy you wish to make a claim on and hit the claim button.

Once you’ve completed the form, one of Stella’s claims specialists will be in touch with you for more information. To make sure the claims process goes smoothly, gather all the relevant documentation, including:

  • Your ID number, car rego papers and insurance policy details 

  • The same details plus contact info of anyone involved in the incident the claim is related to (as well as details of any witnesses)

  • Photos of the accident or damages, and any extra information about the incident

  • A police report (if applicable). 

Stellar car insurance FAQs 

What optional extras does Stella offer?

  • Roadside assistance

  • No-excess windscreen cover

  • Hire car cover (up to $75 a day for 14 days)

What does Stella’s roadside assistance cover?

Stella is partnered with the 365 Assistance Group to offer 24/7 roadside assistance through the 365 Assist Mobile app. Benefits with Stella’s roadside assistance include:

  • Minor repairs and tyre assistance

  • Battery and parts replacement

  • Technical advice

  • Emergency fuel (up to $10)

  • Towing (up to 20km in metro areas and a 50km roundtrip in regional areas).

What types of excess does Stella have?

With most claims you make, you’ll have to contribute a bit towards the cost. How much you contribute will be determined by what excess types apply to your policy. You can find this information on your Certificate of Insurance. Stella’s excess types include:

Basic excess: This applies for most claims, except not-at-fault accidents and if you’ve opted for excess-free windscreen repair.

Age excess: The age excess applies when the driver of your car is under 25 at the time of the incident and they have either caused or contributed towards it. This is in addition to the basic excess and does not apply to learner drivers.

Additional policy excess: Applies to your policy depending on the insurance history of your car and the driver. This excess is in addition to the basic excess and other excesses applicable to your car. It does not apply to a learner driver.

Additional driver excess: This may apply to your policy, depending on the additional driver’s details, including their insurance history. Again, it is in addition to the basic excess and any other excesses that may apply, except for learner drivers.

What information will I need to apply? 

To receive a quick quote from Stella you will need to provide the following information:

  • What state your car is registered in

  • Your registration number

  • The address where your car is usually kept

  • Your date of birth

  • Whether you are female, male or non-binary

  • Your email address.

A quick quote doesn't guarantee risk acceptance, and you’ll still need to meet Stella's underwriting criteria. Importantly, it will be an estimate only, based on the information provided as well as some assumptions made by Stella. Final quote prices will take into account the factors mentioned above.

How does Stella settle car insurance claims?

If Stella accepts it, your claim will be settled in one of the following ways:

  • By repairing your car

  • By paying a reasonable amount to repair your car

  • By agreeing that your car is a total loss and paying the agreed or market value shown on your Certificate of Insurance

  • By replacing your car with a new car, if the conditions for replacing your car with a new one are met

How is Stella car insurance rated?

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