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Run by women for women, Stella is a car insurance provider on a mission to challenge male dominated industries in Australia. Not only was Stella founded by a woman but it also aims to support other female-led businesses with its #Stellasquad program. Stella offers comprehensive car insurance and is underwritten by QBE.

Stella offers the following car insurance policies

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Who is covered on a Stella Policy?

Stella’s comprehensive car insurance policy covers anyone who drives your car, as long as they meet the terms and conditions. This includes a learner driver, driving your car while under supervision from a fully licensed driver.

What is covered?

Stella’s car insurance cover is comprehensive, meaning it covers a whole range of things. This includes:

Optional extras include:

What is domestic cover?

As a female-led car insurer, Stella’s policies are designed by women with women in mind. As such domestic cover covers any deliberate damage done to your car by a current or former spouse or partner, when the incident has been reported to the police.

What does Stella’s optional roadside assistance cover?

Partnered with the 365 Assistance Group, Stella offers 24/7 roadside assistance through the 365 Assist Mobile app. Benefits with Stella’s roadside assistance include:

How will the cost of my premium be determined?

The premium Stella charges you will be dependent on your driving history, what options you’ve chosen with your policy, any discounts that may be available to you, GST, government fees, duties and charges.

Factors Stella may take into consideration when determining your premium include:

What types of excess does Stella have?

With most claims you make, you will have to contribute a bit towards the cost. How much you have to contribute will be determined by what excess types apply to your policy. You can find this information on your Certificate of Insurance. Stella’s excess types include:

Does Stella have a no claims bonus?

Stella does not have a no claims bonus, but it does have something fairly similar: a no claim reward. Similar to a no claims bonus, Stella’s no claim reward seeks to reward you for driving safely. The only difference is that rather than receiving a discount on your premium, the no claim reward gives you a discount on any actual claims you may have to make.

For each consecutive year that you either make no claims or make only a not-at-fault claim, Stella will increase your no claim reward by $100. You can increase your no claim reward for three consecutive years, up to a maximum of $300.

So, if there is an incident and you do have to make a claim, whatever no claim reward you have built up will be deducted from your bill. Keeping in mind that, if you are claiming for anything other than a not-at-fault incident, then your no claim reward will reset back to $0 in the next policy period.

Making a claim with Stella

To make a claim with Stella you will have to login to the customer portal, select the policy you wish to make a claim on and hit the claim button.

Once you’ve completed the form, one of Stella’s claims specialists will be in touch with you for more information.

To make sure the claims process goes smoothly, make sure you have relevant documentation, including registration papers and repair quotes at hand.

How does Stella settle claims?

If Stella accepts it, your claim will be settled in one of the following ways:

What information will I need to apply? 

To receive a quick quote from Stella you will need to provide the following information:

A quick quote doesn't guarantee risk acceptance, and will still need to meet Stella's underwriting criteria. Importantly, it will be an estimate only, based on the information provided as well as some assumptions made by Stella. Final quote prices will take into account factors such as claims, driving history, age, history of any additional drivers, as well as any optional covers you signed up for prior to purchase.

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