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Mozo editorial review Stella Comprehensive Car Insurance - last updated: 11 April 2023

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What's hot
  • New car replacement (conditions apply)
  • Personal items cover up to $1,000
  • No claim reward for up to 3 years
What's not
  • Does not cover ride sharing services
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Stella’s comprehensive car insurance policy comes with a number of perks including a no claim reward for up to three years, cover for baby gear up to $2,000 and theft and accident cover. Stella policies are open to all Aussies, but there are special perks for drivers who identify as female.

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Key features

Stella’s comprehensive car insurance coverage is pretty thorough. With this policy you could be covered for stuff like baby gear (up to $2,000) and personal items (another $1,000), plus travel expenses, emergency accommodation and transport costs after an insurable incident (read the product disclosure statement for any dollar limits on this cover), reasonable towing and storage costs, and the cost of a hire car after a not-at-fault accident or theft, to name a few.

While anyone can apply for this policy, there are some features which are designed more with women in mind. For instance, Stella offers domestic cover with this policy which means that if your car is deliberately damaged by a current or former spouse or partner, or another driver listed on your policy, you don’t have to pay any excess as long as you report the incident to the police.

Should your car be written off within three years, Stella’s new car replacement cover will ensure that your vehicle is replaced with a new one of the same make, model and series. This is as long as:

- You were the first registered owner of the car that was written off

- It was driven less than 60,000 km

There are also a range of optional extras you can add onto your policy for an additional cost. This includes hire car cover after an accident where you were responsible, excess-free windscreen repairs and roadside assistance.

Stella also has a perk for driving safely: the no claim reward. Unlike a no claims bonus, which is usually a discount applied to your premium, the no claim reward is a discount, accumulated over time, that is applied to the excess on any actual claims that you may have to make.

For each consecutive year that you either make no claims or only make a not-at-fault claim, Stella adds $100 to your no claim reward for a maximum of three consecutive years. Whenever you have to make a claim, the no claim reward will be deducted from your excess. Of course, if that claim is for anything other than a not-at-fault incident, then the no claim reward will reset to $0 in the next policy period.

There is the option to pay either monthly or annually. If you opt to pay your premium annually, it could cost you 10% less than if you opt to pay monthly.

Who is it good for

While anyone over 17 can apply for this car insurance policy, it probably goes without saying that there are more perks for people whose car is kitted out with equipment such as child car seats and strollers. 

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Any catches

There are a few things to keep in mind with this policy. When choosing a repairer, you will have to opt for one in Stella’s Accredited Smash Repair Network.

It should also be noted that Stella does not cover ride-sharing services, so if you plan to use your car for Uber, Ola or any similar services, then this probably isn’t the insurance policy for you.


Cover information and limits in the table below correct as at 5 March 2024. Mozo has robust processes to ensure our site is updated to reflect the latest information from providers. There may be the odd occasion where updates are delayed, so please confirm information before purchasing.
Discounts and excesses

Yes costs extra

$800 - $2,000

$600 for listed drivers under 25. $1,600 for unlisted drivers under 25

Not Published




Up to $100 off your basic excess for up to three years, for every year you dont make a claim


Service features

Optional Extra






Coverage summary


Yes - within 3 years and 60,000 km of original registration

Up to $1,000 if damaged or stolen.

Yes - standard excess. Option to reduce windscreen excess to $0 on every windscreen claim for an additional premium.

Up to $500

Reasonable towing costs. Up to $1,000 travel and accommodation costs if greater than 100 km from home.

Yes - Up to 14 days.

Not at fault - yes. At fault - Optional Extra. Up to 14 days.


Up to $1,000

Yes if stolen.

Up to $2,000

Covered only if agreed in writing.



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