Suncorp swipes right on Trōv for new world-leading insurance platform

Millennials are the next group in Suncorp’s sights, as it launches a world-first, on-demand insurance platform, where users can ‘swipe right’ to insure their valuables.

Suncorp partnered with technology developer Trōv, to design the new, on-demand insurance platform called Trōv Protection, which launched in Australia on Sunday.

The Australian market is the first to see the new insurance platform with Trōv Founder and CEO Scott Walchek identifying Suncorp’s innovative attitude as one of the main reasons for the partnership.

The platform is designed to offer customers the ability to insure single items as and when needed, with instant access to insurance cover for items like cameras, tablets and laptops.

Suncorp CEO and Managing Director Michael Cameron said that, “Trōv Protection is a significant step forward in making insurance easier and simpler for our customers.”

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Integrated into the existing Trōv app, which enables users to collate a digital inventory of their belongings, Trōv Protection allows customers to “switch their insurance ‘on and off’ as required from their mobile phones.”

Similar to popular dating app Tinder, and particularly geared toward millennial customers, Trōv Protection works on the ‘swipe right, swipe left’ model. Users can activate cover on items by swiping right, and deactivate by swiping left.

“Trōv is redefining the way people protect the things they care about, and in Suncorp we've found a partner with the vision and expertise to help introduce ‘on-demand’ insurance to the mobile consumer," Walchek said.

Although at the moment, Trōv Protection is only available for insurance cover on technology items, a broader range of options are expected to become available over the next few months, including sports equipment, musical instruments and home appliances.

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