Google Pixel 6a has arrived: here are some of the best new features

Three Google Pixel 6a phones on a green background.
Source: Google.

Getting a new smartphone can be an expensive prospect, but a hot new option just landed on the market. Meet the Pixel 6a, which according to Google is faster, better, and cheaper than ever. 

Key features:

  • Handset price only $749.
  • Adaptive 24 hour battery.
  • New intelligent camera features.
  • Enhanced security and waterproofing.
  • 5G ready with the right mobile plan.
  • Google Tensor chip for lightning-fast performance.

All about Google Pixel 6a

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After months of swirling rumours, the Pixel 6a has finally debuted. Not only has Google dropped the price compared to other Pixel models, but they’ve bolstered the phone with a few hi-tech functions. 

As a special bonus, new users who purchase before December 2023 could also get three months of Youtube Premium and Google One included (T&Cs apply).

Tensor chip for smooth sailing

This AI circuit from Google has become a flagship for Pixel’s capabilities, helping apps launch and images load with excellent processing power. 

Battery for days

Pixel 6a sports an adaptive battery that saves power on apps you don’t use so you can enjoy the ones you do for longer. Google also claims the Extreme Battery Saver function could extend your phone’s life for 72 hours on a single charge – and that it recharges in mere minutes. 

Snap fantastic shots with a new camera

The Pixel 6a camera boasts 8-12.2 Megapixels worth of clarity, as well as three exciting new AI functions. Magic Eraser paints out unwanted objects from your photos, Real Tone captures a genuine diversity of skin tones, while Night Sight allows you to capture low-light memories like starry skies or nights on the town. 

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Android updates and great privacy protection

In addition to adding water and dust resistance hardware improvements to the Pixel 6a’s frame, Google has also tricked out the Android OS with some solid software improvements. These include combining the Titan M2™ chip and Google Tensor security core for extra hardware security and adding a customisable Android interface to reflect your design and usage preferences. 

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Last updated 23 July 2024