Merry Thriftmas: one in four households will re-gift this festive season

Mary Ward

Wednesday 26 November 2014

One in four Australian households will re-gift presents this Christmas, and roughly the same number will be braving the shops on Christmas Eve.

regifting christmas presents

According to data from the ING DIRECT Household Financial Wellbeing Index, 23% of Australians are likely to re-gift unwanted presents this Christmas.

NSW was the state most in favour of giving second-hand gifts, with 27% of households expressing an intention to do so compared to just 17% of WA households.

If you do plan on re-gifting this Christmas, you will probably get away with it, as over 82% of surveyed respondents said they would lie about liking an unwanted gift.

Women were less likely to tell the truth about poorly chosen presents, with just 11% willing to confront the purchaser. However, men were more likely to tell the purchaser what they really thought, with 24% willing to speak up about a gift and ask if it can be exchanged.

In addition to being thrifty, it appears that Australians are also bracing themselves for a disorganised Christmas.

The survey revealed that 27% of households expect to be finalising (or starting) their holiday shopping on Christmas Eve.

The presents purchased will be put in a wide variety of stockings with immediate family the most common recipients (43% of households), followed by friends (35% of households).

Interestingly, 16% of households will give a present to the family pet, before giving to charity (8%), buying presents for neighbours (7%), or getting something for the postie (2%).

The average family is expected to spend $4,154 in the four weeks leading up to Christmas, with a national expenditure of $32.6 billion expected for the festive season.

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