Sláinte! Baileys tipped to beat Guinness as the preferred Irish drink for Aussies on Saint Patrick’s Day

Guinness may be famous for quenching the thirst of many a million on Saint Patrick’s Day, but research shows Australians prefer to drink the humble Baileys Irish Cream Whiskey instead.

Over half a million Aussies drank Baileys Irish cream at least once a month last year, well over double the rate of Guinness drinking, according to a survey by Roy Morgan Research. Jameson Irish Whiskey came in at a humble third, another popular product from the emerald isle.

“While St Patrick’s Day is traditionally associated with drinking Guinness, our data tells us that the black stuff comes a distant second to Bailey’s Irish Cream as Australia’s most popular Irish alcoholic beverage,” said Andrew Price, Consumer Manager of the research body.

“In fact, while the number of Aussie adults who consume Guinness has declined by about 60,000 people per four-week period over the last decade, Bailey’s has gained an additional 90,000 drinkers per four weeks,” he said.

So what makes the creamy whiskey beverage so irresistible to Australian drinkers? Price said it could have something do with the fact that both genders prefer it more, whereas women are less likely drink a glass of Guinness.

Another potential factor on why Guinness is not so popular in the sun burnt country is that it tastes bad as an import. Science proved last year that the brew of barley, malt, and hops pours better in Ireland.

Mozo money tips for the Baileys or Guinness lover celebrating Saint Pat’s Day:

  • You don’t have to buy “the real Mccoy” for your Saint Pat’s drinking session. Aldi have a similar style Irish Cream Liqueur for $13.99 instead of the original branded one for nearly double the price at $23.95.
  • If you will be heading to the pubs with your mates tomorrow night, have a budget in mind before you leave. Try using our budget calculator to see how much you can really afford to spend.
  • Pick the right places to drink at, as some will no doubt be more expensive than others. You can try your local craft beer venue for boutique (but cheaper than imported) stouts on tap if you are a Guinness fan, and look out for Saint Patrick’s Day specials if you’re more a fan of Bailey’s Irish Cream.
  • If you can manage to have a frugal and budget-friendly Saint Pat’s day, why not take good luck into your own hands and stash the money you did save into a high interest savings account?