Youth Off the Streets initiative to support disadvantaged youth

Kirsty Timsans

Monday 22 June 2015

Father Chris Riley’s Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off the Streets and the Greater Building Society have partnered together to raise vital funds to keep disadvantaged youth out of dangerous situations.

New initiative with Youth Off the Streets initiative to support disadvantaged youth

As part of the partnership, the Greater Building Society will donate $2 to Youth Off the Streets every time someone opens ones of its Life Saver youth banking accounts to go towards outreach and educational programs for disadvantaged young people.

With 1 in 6 young Australians living in poverty, Youth Off the Streets Founder and CEO Father Chris Riley said that the level of poverty in Australia is “unacceptable” and the only way to break the cycle is through education.

“Generous corporate supporters, like the Greater Building Society allows us to help more and more young people break free from this cycle,” he said.

The Greater Building Society’s CEO Scott Morgan said the Greater’s Charitable Foundation would continue to support the great work done by Youth Off the Streets while also helping other young people in the community develop good saving habits without the burden of fees.

“As a customer owned banking organisation we like to make our products and profits work for customers and the community,” he said.

“When you open a Life Saver account you will not only be helping your child to learn the value of saving but you will also be giving another young person a better future.”

This is not the first time Youth Off the Streets has partnered with the Greater’s Charitable Foundation. Since last year, over $280,000 in funding has been committed by the Charitable Foundation to early intervention programs in the Hunter Valley.

If you want to open a Life Saver account and support Youth off The Streets visit a Greater branch or go to

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