Kogan.com are now officially an energy retailer, here’s what you need to know

Thinking of making the switch before summer sets in? Your timing could not have been more perfect because as of this morning, online retailer, Kogan is officially open for business. 

Back in July, Kogan announced that it was set to enter the energy market, under the name Kogan Energy, with the goal of making electricity and gas affordable for households across the country. 

Kogan are also moving to make electricity pricing easier to understand, with prices made up of a ‘per day’ charge as well as a ‘per amount used’ charge. 

“Kogan.com works tirelessly to deliver better value to Aussies on essential goods and services that are part of everyday life. Kogan Energy is helping Aussies keep more of their hard earned money by delivering exceptional prices on these vital services,” said David Shafer, Executive Director of Kogan.com. 

Kogan Energy customers will also have access to the Kogan Energy mobile app, a platform that allows Aussies to monitor and manage their energy usage and pay their electricity and gas bills. 

The details 

Kogan Energy’s basic residential plan features no lock-in contracts or exit fees, so customers are free to opt out at any time without penalty. The Kogan Energy Market Offer also comes with a 10 day cooling off period, which allows customers to cancel their plan if they change their mind.

Kogan hasn't forgotten about solar owners either as those looking to take out a Kogan solar plan in New South Wales will be paid 6.8 cents per kWh generated. 

And according to Kogan, customers in certain locations could potentially pay up to 29% less than the highest prices in the market and up to 18% less than the reference price on their annual power bills. 

The partner 

In order to bring Kogan Energy to life, Kogan has partnered with green retailer, Powershop - a subsidiary of Meridian Energy, Australiasias’s largest renewable energy generator. 

It’s reported that Powershop will provide backend and system support for Kogan Energy customers. 

The future of the energy market 

With Kogan Energy now set to shake up the energy market, Aussies may soon feel that they’re steadily becoming spoiled for choice with who they can choose to power their homes. 

And aside from the wide selection, pretty soon, a new initiative dubbed ‘The Gateway Model’ could give Aussies more control than ever before. 

Under the Gateway Model, Aussies would be granted permission to obtain their energy data from the The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and then have it shared with a trusted third party (with the customer’s permission). 

It’s hoped that this initiative will allow customers to seek out a better energy deal and bring on more competition in the market to drive down prices. 

But until the Gateway Model comes into play, Aussies can still take back the power by shopping around for a better deal on their energy bills with the help of our energy comparison tool.

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