OVO Energy offers discount to electric vehicle drivers

OVO Energy offers discount to electric vehicle drivers

OVO Energy has just announced its exciting new OVO Drive offer, which could save Aussie electric vehicle owners as much as $300 per year (or the equivalent of 6,700km of driving distance).

Available via the OVO website, OVO Drive offers eligible customers a $0.05/kWh discount off their standard energy rates between 12-5am, seven days a week. 

To access this offer, electric vehicle owners will need to have a smart meter so OVO can accurately calculate their energy usage.

“This is the first step on our EV journey in Australia, as we offer the ever-increasing number of electric vehicle owners a more economical and 100% carbon-neutral energy offer,” said Mark Yemm, chief executive and managing director of OVO Energy Pty Ltd.

A green machine:

Ten per cent GreenPower is incorporated into all of OVO Energy’s tariffs by default, with a 100% GreenPower upgrade option for $17 a month on average (figures based on OVO Energy’s calculations).

In short, OVO will buy the equivalent of 10% of your electricity usage from renewable energy generators as a standard. This is at no extra charge to you and is audited under the government’s GreenPower scheme.

GreenPower is a government scheme that certifies electricity coming from accredited renewable energy generators like wind, solar, water and bioenergy.

In addition, all of OVO’s retail activities and tariffs are 100% carbon neutral certified under the Climate Active scheme.

Innovative ‘type of use’ energy tariff:

Earlier this year, we saw OVO’s UK business of over five million customers launch its ‘type of use’ energy tariff, powered by Kaluza technology.

According to OVO, the new tariff was a global first for electric vehicles, charging EV drivers a 24/7 flat fee per kWh. OVO’s Aussie team expects this offer to hit Australian shores in the near future.

“We’re excited to be at the forefront of this emerging market in Australia and expect to innovate further with the use of our Kaluza platform,” Yemm said. 

“We’re making it cheaper to charge an EV by reflecting the lower cost of energy during these periods, and therefore making it more attractive to have an electric vehicle in Australia.”

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