RAC award-winning pet insurance

Dog standing on a wall, licking a man's face. Graphic image in the corner of the Mozo Experts Choice 2020 badge for Pet Insurance.

RAC has a long history of providing car insurance to Aussies, along with services like roadside assistance. So, yes, the company’s name - Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia - is rather apt. But did you know that it also offers pet insurance? Well, it does and it’s officially award-winning! 

That’s right, RAC’s Pet Insurance plan has scooped up not one, but two 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Exceptional Value.

Mozo Expert Judge, Peter Marshall said, “To assess the value of individual pet insurance policies, we compared the affordability of plans with how much cover they offer. We were impressed with both what RAC offers and the price they offer it for.”

A little about RAC’s history

With over a century’s worth of automobile safety experience, it would be an understatement to say that RAC has a long history. The WA-based insurance provider isn’t all about cars now either, as it also offers home insurance, life insurance, health insurance, bicycle insurance and of course pet insurance.

RAC’s awarding-winning pet insurance plan

Not only does RAC have a lot of insurance expertise, but its pet insurance policy also scooped up these two Mozo Experts Choice Awards this year:

  • Exceptional Value Accident and Illness Pet Insurance
  • Exceptional Value Comprehensive Pet Insurance

To compare plans for the Exceptional Value awards, our experts gathered a whole heap of online quotes for dogs and cats of different ages and breeds. 

For dogs in particular, breed has a significant impact on price. So to get a better idea of price ranges for our canine companions, our experts collected quotes for several of the most common breeds of dogs at different ages. Policies with less than $6,000 worth of annual cover were not considered.

What does RAC’s pet insurance cover?

RAC’s pet insurance provides cover for cats and dogs. Key features of the insurance policy include:

  • $12,000 annual benefit limit
  • Cover for up to 80% of eligible vet costs
  • Accidents and injuries
  • Chronic illness
  • Procedures
  • Common illnesses
  • Serious illnesses
  • Emergency boarding up to $1,000.

As with most pet insurance policies, you will have to take out a new plan for your pet pooch or kitty before they turn nine. Most pet insurance policies will not provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions. However, with RAC you can complete a form and, depending on your pet’s individual circumstances, the pre-existing conditions exclusion may be waived.

Finally, it is always a good idea to read the PDS document thoroughly before signing up to any insurance policy.

The Mozo Experts Choice Awards

Going strong for the past seven years, the Mozo Experts Choice Awards are designed to highlight financial products in the marketplace that we believe offer Aussies great value. These awards are assessed by our team of data experts and cover everything from home loans to credit cards.

As with all our insurance awards, the two main awards categories for the pet insurance awards are Quality and Value. For our Exceptional Value awards, our experts seek out plans with the most competitive prices for the main features offered. Check out our methodology report, to read more about how the winners are determined.