Real estate investments starting from just $10,000

If you’re an wholesale investor looking for an alternative investment opportunity that isn’t going to break the bank, newly launched property platform Estate Baron, says it has the answer with real estate investments with an initial commitment of only $10,000.

Estate Baron aims to “revolutionise” the way wholesale investors invest in the market, by providing access to projects that deliver strong returns.

The platform works by listing real estate investment projects, including residential, commercial, medical facilities, retail premises, shops and restaurants, which range from six months to three years based on construction times. Once the project is completed investors can decide if they still want to hold the investment or move to another project. Investors can also diversify funds across multiple projects.

Estate Baron’s Co-Founder, Mario Zorovic said the major goal of Estate Baron was to make real estate investing simple, with a much lower entry point.

“Wholesale investors have the option of committing smaller amounts into the projects with the promise of strong project returns. Estate Baron currently has three projects listed. The developments in inner Melbourne and key Bayside suburbs have all been selected with maximum results in mind.”

Zorovic said that many of the projects are positively developing their own community. “Instead of investing in multi-national developments and corporate high rises, with the Estate Baron property investment platform investors can actually choose real estate investments that are helping to build local communities.”

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