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This tech-savvy insurance provider offers more personalised cover based on how you drive and what you use your wheels for. Carpeesh uses a driver safety app for a seamless claims process, as well as to analyse your driving habits and offer a premium based on you, rather than your stereotyped driver profile.

Carpeesh offers the following car insurance policies

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What does Carpeesh car insurance offer?

Carpeesh provides tailored comprehensive car insurance using blackbox car insurance technology (aka telematics). The aim is to offer flexible coverage that’s based on a more accurate assessment of your driving habits at a more accessible price. 

There are four basic variations on the policy coverage: good driver, young driver, worker and rideshare. Each has slightly different inclusions and to match drivers who sit in those categories. 

Here’s the basic outline of what kind of driver each option suits:

Good driver: This is for people aged over 26 who used their car primarily for personal use (with a maximum of four work-related trips each year accepted). Any other listed drivers on this policy will also need to be 26 or older.

Young driver: Drivers aged 25 or younger can take out this policy that comes with the same personal and limited professional use as the good driver option. If all of the listed drivers are over 26, you won’t be eligible for this policy type.

Worker: This is for divers who use their private cars (so not a company car) for more regular work activities as well as the usual personal use. 

Rideshare: If you use your car while working as a driver with rideshare companies like Uber or Ola, this Carpeesh policy may suit you best. This covers any listed driver who uses the car for rideshare and carpooling services, as well as for other personal trips.

How does the Carpeesh driver safety app work?

The next layer of personalisation happens via the Carpeesh driver safety app. Using the app and bluetooth device (which you’ll receive and need to put in your car once you take out a policy), Carpeesh monitors your driving patterns and behaviour to create a DrivePoints rating between 0.1 and 5. 

This is used to help calculate your premium – the higher the rating, the better your safe driving score. The data which is monitored by the telematics technology and influences this score includes:

Each of these factors has a different weighting in the DrivePoints score calculation.

The app is also a handy tool for policy holders. It can be used to change or update your policy details any time, and also submit claims 24/7. Being able to take photos and provide necessary details all on the one device without having to make awkward post-accident phone calls could take some of the stress out of making an insurance claim.

What does a Carpeesh policy cover?

Some coverage limits and inclusions differ between the four Carpeesh policy variations, so be sure to check the product disclosure statement (PDS). Generally, each option will include coverage for:

Other great features included having the choice between agreed and market value, excess-free claims where you are not-at-fault, and having $100 dedicated to recovering wildlife injured in road accidents.

How is my Carpeesh premium calculated?

Carpeesh combines personal information with its DrivePoints assessment of your driving habits to determine the cost of your car insurance policy.

There will be different price points depending on which Carpeesh policy you go with (good driver, young driver, worker or rideshare) as the driving experiences associated with them come with different risks. In addition to your DrivePoints rating, some of the other factors that influence your premium include:

There are also a few fees connected to a Carpeesh car insurance policy. There’s a one-off $45 installation fee to cover the driver safety app service, a $50 early cancellation fee, and different processing fees for paying monthly ($6.50 per-month), fortnightly ($3 per-fortnight) and annually (1.54% of your premium).

How do I make a claim with Carpeesh?

This can all be done via the Carpeesh driver safety app. It has features for you to take photos and upload information immediately after an incident to get the claims ball rolling. Carpeesh suggests you provide the following information in your claim:

If you are confused about anything involved in this app claim process, you can also call the Carpeesh claims line on 1300 101 311.

Carpeesh car insurance FAQs

Are there any discounts available with Carpeesh?

While there aren’t any traditional car insurance discounts available at Carpeesh (like a loyalty discount or no claims bonus) there are other ways to reduce the cost of your policy. This includes: 

Does Carpeesh offer roadside assistance?

No, there is no roadside assistance service available with Carpeesh. If you’d like this kind of coverage, you may be able to take it out with another provider.

Are there optional extras available with a Carpeesh policy?

Yes, there are some features which are offered as optional extras at Carpeesh. Just remember, these will likely come at an additional cost to your policy.

Across all policy versions, there’s the option to take out the optional windscreen benefit, which reduces the excess you pay for replacing window and windscreen glass to $50.

The optional variable excess, which allows you to reduce your premium with a higher excess, is only available on the good driver, worker and rideshare policy versions.

While hire car cover after an accident comes as standard with the rideshare and worker policies, you can also include this as an optional extra under the good driver and young driver versions.

What excess should I choose?

By paying a higher excess (the amount you pay before claim coverage kicks in), you can reduce premium costs, and vice versa. Choosing one or the other really depends on your day-to-day budget and ability to pay a larger sum in an emergency.

Carpeesh offers optional variable excess (ranging from $100 to $1,000) which you can add on top of your standard excess. This comes as an optional extra on the good driver, worker and rideshare policy variations.

The standard excess typically sits between $645 and $795 depending on which state or territory you live in.

How do I pay my Carpeesh premium?

You can pay your Carpeesh premium annually, monthly or fortnightly. Paying annually is the cheapest option, even though it comes with a processing fee that’s 1.54% of your premium each year. Monthly and fortnightly payments come with a fee each instalment ($6.50 each month or $3 each fortnight)

How is Carpeesh car insurance rated?

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I did an online scan for the cheapest insurer and they were the cheapest by far with the right amount of coverage for me. Happy with my choice.

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I did an online scan for the cheapest insurer and they were the cheapest by far with the right amount of coverage for me. Happy with my choice.

Value for money
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