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QBE is one of the world’s top 20 general insurance companies with roots going all the way back  to 1886, when it began as the North Queensland Insurance Company Limited. It’s weathered the decades in between then and now to become the insurance giant we know today - and if that kind of staying power doesn’t give you confidence, then what does?

QBE offers travel insurance, home insurance, and insurance for a range of vehicles, including boats, caravans and cars. We’ve collected the need-to-know facts about QBE car insurance policies below.

QBE offers the following car insurance policies

Product Monthly premiums available Maximum no claim discount Online discount Choice of repairer

Yes costs extra

up to 60%


Optional Extra

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What’s covered?

Let’s start with the most obvious question - what will be covered under your QBE car insurance policy? Here’s a list of the main things your policy will take care of:

What’s not?

On the other hand, it’s just as important to know what isn’t covered under your QBE car insurance, so you’re not caught out in an emergency. A few things you can’t claim for are:

The cost of a hire car after an accident can be added to your cover as an optional extra - but keep in mind this will mean a higher premium.

How much does QBE car insurance cost?

When you’re trying to work out how to factor car insurance into your budget, there are a few different aspects you should consider, including:


Your premium can depend on a heap of different factors, such as: 

These are all used to determine how risky you are as a driver and car owner - the riskier you are, the higher your premium will be, because there’s more chance of you costing the insurer money.

Also, keep in mind that if these factors change, then your premium might also change when you renew your policy.


When thinking about the cost of your insurance, you should also consider the excess. You’ll only have to pay this if you make a claim, but it’s important to know how that could impact your budget later on.

It’s also important because with QBE, you can choose to have a high or low excess level and that will affect your premium. If you opt to pay a low excess amount, you’ll pay a higher premium and vice versa.

Plus, keep in mind there’ll be an extra excess for young drivers or drivers not listed on your policy.


So how can you save money on your car insurance? By cashing in on discounts of course. At QBE, you can snag a no claims discount, a discount for buying your policy online and a discount for senior drivers.

How do I pay my premium?

At QBE, you can choose to pay your bill in monthly installments or as a lump annual sum. It won’t affect how much your premium is, but it might help you to fit the cost into your budget to do it one way or the other.

To pay your premium, you have a few options, including:

How is QBE rated by customers?

To find out what it’s really like having a car insurance policy with QBE, we’ve asked the people who know best - the customers! Head over to our customer review section to see how QBE stacks up in terms of trust, policy coverage and how it handles claims. 

Making a claim

Best case scenario: you never have to make a claim on your QBE insurance. But accidents happen, so you should know what you need to make a claim, just in case you ever need to. That way, you’ll be more likely to get everything you need sorted out early, and your claim can be processed without too much hassle.

When you claim with QBE, make sure you have:

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