Bumper Easter travel season predicted

Travel over the Easter holiday period is expected to more popular than usual for Australian families as the Easter and ANZAC day long weekends bump up against one another, meaning that Australian workers only need to take 3 days annual leave to get a bumper 10 day break.

Australian families are taking advantage of the high Australian dollar and the competition among airlines offering low cost airfares to popular travel overseas destinations. Asia, New Zealand and the pacific are the most popular destinations for family travel according to travel publication eGlobal Travel Media.

Expedia's 2014 foreign exchange index recently ranked Japan and Indonesia as the top destinations for Australians in getting value for money when overseas.

If you are planning an Easter get away, here are some of Mozo's top tips for stretching those Aussie dollars even further.

1. Book ahead to save. We did some quick shopping around and found that you can save big dollars on travel standards like airport parking and theme park entrances by shopping around before you go, rather than turning up on the day.

2. Shop around for travel insurance. Don't just accept the travel insurance offered by the airline or travel agent. There are plenty of online only providers of travel insurance and you can save big on the same level of cover with a few clicks. Mozo can help you compare over 44 insurers. 

3. Compare your travel money options. It can cost a lot of money in extra fees and charges to access your money overseas. Some banks charge as much as $5 per ATM withdrawal and over 3 per cent commission on all transactions. Limit the number of ATM withdrawals by taking out larger amounts. Prepaid travel cards can also help you to budget while on holidays as you can lock in your exchange rate before you go - but only get one of these cards if you can preload the currency of the country you are travelling to such as Thailand, Japan, NZ or Hong Kong.

4. Check your cards and cover. If you have a premium credit card you may be surprised to learn that you could already be covered for international travel insurance with the credit card if you paid for your ticket or accommodation with your card. The same goes for car rental excess, this usually comes standard with travel insurance so before you pay that extra $30 to reduce your excess, check it isn't included with your travel insurance policy.