World Cup 2018 Prep - The travel insurance reminder you need

One thing you might not know about some of Mozo staff is that we’ve got a few football fanatics roaming around, counting down to this year’s World Cup.

But it seems that travel insurer, Allianz is also gearing up for one of the biggest sporting events of the year, recently reminding Aussies to exercise caution before jetting off to a foreign country.

“The Australian Government has advised Australians travelling to Russia to exercise a high degree of caution and we echo this sentiment,” said Allianz Global Assistance, Chief Underwriting Officer, Aimee McGuinness.

“Crime, violence and corruption are very real dangers in this destination and we can’t stress enough the importance of ensuring travellers are adequately prepared before they depart.”

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According to Allianz's Global Assistance data, medical and hospital expenses were one of the top three claims for Aussies heading to Russia since 2015 - emphasising the need to have a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

“The standard of healthcare facilities in Russia is in stark contrast to that of Australia and in the instance that someone becomes injured or falls seriously ill, medical evacuation to receive the necessary care is likely,” she said.

“Costs for overseas treatment and repatriation can become exorbitant so we urge all travellers to purchase comprehensive travel insurance to ensure they’re covered for any issues that may arise.”

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And while travel insurance seems like a given for many Aussies, the 2017 Australian Travel Insurance report found that 8% of Aussies travelled internationally without travel insurance

And to make matters worse, 52% of those admitted to have engaged in risky behaviour, like rock climbing or water sports.

“It’s foolish to fly without travel insurance on your side, especially if you’re visiting a country where English isn’t the first language,” warned Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont.

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“Aussies hoping to see the World Cup should do their due diligence by comparing travel insurance policies and booking in advance. Not only is this going to give you peace of mind, but it’ll ensure you’re protected against the unexpected.”

So to help give you an idea of what you should be looking for in a travel insurance policy before you start your search, check out our top tips below:

  • Read the fine print - While this won’t get your blood rushing like the World Cup will, it’s important that you thoroughly read over your policy to make sure you know what you will and won’t be covered for.
  • Be aware of the excess - Depending on the type of claim you file you may have to pay an excess between $50 - $250, so you’ll need to be comfortable with this amount before you head to Russia.
  • Double check your medical coverage - In places like the US or Europe, medical expenses can hit the million dollar mark, so it’s a good idea to check that your medical cover is unlimited.
  • Brush up on your plastic's travel insurance - Did you know that some credit cards come with complimentary travel insurance? The policy will usually cover you, your spouse and any dependant children you may have, however, this does come with cover limits.

Ready to get World Cup ready with the right travel insurance policy? Then head over to our travel insurance comparison tool!