Consolidation loans, online loans and more...

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Consolidation loans

Just like a balance transfer, only loanly... If you already have a loan - or, ahem, several loans - you can consolidate less attractive, high interest loans into the one, low rate loan account.

Cheap bank loans are a great way to avoid unnecessarily high interest rates by transferring debt over.
  • Credit card interest rates can be 10% higher than personal loan rates
  • "Buy now, pay later" deals sound great, but usually come with a high interest sting at some point — transfer the debt to a consolidation loan to save big time
  • Low rate personal loans can outperform your old bank loan
  • Repay debt faster and save on the total cost of your bank personal loan
Consolidation loans ahoy!

Online loans

Don't want to face your lender? Online loans are increasingly common these days, and replace the trouble of going into a bank with the trouble of identifying yourself (which shouldn't be too hard...)

Typically, you're looking at the same fees and features as any other bank loan, and the same options of variable, fixed, secured or unsecured.

  • Online loans can offer cheap interest rates
  • Convenience and speed of branch-free banking

Personal loan permutations...

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