Australian dollar soars after RBA keeps interest rates on hold

The Australian dollar surged by 0.0092USD to a little over US74 cents yesterday in its best AUD exchange rate seen since May. This dollar spike came after the Reserve Bank announced interest rates would remain at 1.75%.

RBA Governor Glenn Stevens said the Board’s decision to hold rates “would be consistent with sustainable growth in the economy and inflation returning to target over time” in a statement.

According to Bloomberg, “reports showed the economy is expanding more than analysts predicted” and its data points to there being a “55% chance the RBA will cut its benchmark rate by year-end”.

Given today’s strong AUD exchange rate, Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont said Aussies with wanderlust would be wise to secure their dollars into a prepaid travel card sooner rather than later.

"With the Aussie dollar rising, now more than ever is a great time for Aussie travellers to lock in a competitive travel money deal,” Lamont said.

“If it so happened the exchange rate dropped, travellers would miss out for not acting earlier.”

Travel money scenarios for jetsetters:

Say you are planning an epic Summer holiday to the United States. The following scenarios show how exchange rates can really impact your USD travel money outcome.

Scenario 1: Locking in Aussie dollars now

Even though your holiday is a few calendar pages away, stashing $6,000 worth of spending money into a prepaid travel card on a high exchange rate of 0.74USD would give you $4,440USD.

Scenario 2: Waiting too long and seeing the exchange rate fall

But if you waited until just before you left and the dollar was resting at a lower 0.69USD, you would get $4,140USD, or $300 less. Think of all the Century21 designer bargains you could have snapped up in NYC with that kind of money!

Quick tip: When comparing prepaid travel cards, don’t just look at the exchange rate. Consider ATM fees, signup costs and extra charges for topping up your account while overseas.

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