Going to Brazil for the Rio Olympics? Travel warnings and money tips you need to know.

The Australian government has advised those attending the Rio Olympics to “exercise a high degree of caution” during their stay in Brazil due to high levels of serious and violent crime.

“You should pay close attention to your personal security at all times. Monitor the media and other sources about possible new security risks,” Smart Traveller announced on its official site. 

Travel insurer World2Cover has also offered some words of advice for Aussies jetsetting to Brazil.

“If you’re ever in need of help then you should remember these three emergency phone contact numbers: 190 for policia (police), 192 for ambulancia (ambulance), and 193 for bombeiros (fire department),” said Deputy CEO, Claudio Saita.

In terms of financial security, Smart Traveller advised sporting fans to watch out for credit card fraud and and monitor their bank statements.

The 2016 Rio Olympics commences on August 3 and finishes on the 20th. Don’t forget to lock in your travel insurance and secure a Visa before you go. For more info on entry and exit requirements, visit Smart Traveller.

Money tips for travellers heading to Brazil:

  • Have a travel money backup. Bring two travel money options with you and store them in different places. This will minimise the stress if you lose one card or it gets stolen.
  • Keep your card balance low. This is a personal preference, but in high risk areas it could minimise the stress of you losing all of your travel savings in one hit. You can always top up later (check with your provider first).
  • Choose your travel money card wisely. Read reviews, compare rates and features before signing that dotted line via our hub here. That way you'll avoid the sting of high overseas ATM withdrawal and currency conversion fees, that can quickly add up to a small fortune.
  • Dodge currency booths at the airport. It may be convenient, but try to avoid these places due to the potentially skewed conversion fees. Choose a travel money prepaid card with zero ATM withdrawal fees instead.
  • Don’t count on ATMs. According to World2Cover, while Rio isn’t short on ATMs, they often close outside of business hours for security reasons. Ensure you withdraw cash with your travel card of choice during the day.
  • Lock up your valuables. There are some things money can’t replace. As InsureandGo advises, ask your hotel or hostel for access to a safe. That way, you can watch the games all day without a worry!