New Flight Centre digital wallet launch dubbed "Key to the World"

A Flight Centre backed digital wallet for jetsetters that combines essential journey details with travel money from MasterCard has hit the market today in an industry first.

Dubbed “Key to the World”, the smart app can manage up to ten currencies on it, give users access to their travel itineraries, insurance policy details and more.

“It takes the stress out of international travel for our customers so they can make the most of their trip,” said Travel Money Group Global General Manager, Dion Jensen.

“Key to the World is the latest must-have travel essential.”

Another plus with the technology is that jetsetters can contact their travel agent and manage bookings using it too. Key to the World also has international SIM card integration available.

Who can use Key to the World?

  • Outbound international jetsetters who book flights through any Flight Centre Travel Group leisure store
  • Travellers looking for a new currency card can sign up for one online

What Key to the World does:

  • Provides a secure online portal for travellers to manage their journey with a single app or website login
  • Allows users to contact their travel agent for support
  • Gives them access to current and past travel insurance policies and manage multiple foreign currencies
  • Organises international phone and data needs

Keep in mind, unlike other digital wallets on the market like Apple Pay that allows you to make "tap and go" purchases at the checkout, the Key to The World App doesn't have this functionality. Instead it is designed to help you manage the money you have loaded onto the prepaid card.

The benefit for travellers in locking in their money in a prepaid card, like the Key To The World Currency Card, is they are protected against fluctuating exchange rates. This could work in your favour if the Aussie dollar drops during your trip or against you if the Aussie dollar climbs.

Right now the AUD is looking healthy at $0.76 cents to the USD, compared to where it was in January at $0.69 cents, potentially making it a good time for travellers jetsetting overseas soon to lock in a competitive deal on a prepaid card.

Alternatively, if your bet is on the Aussie dollar climbing while you're away you could opt for a travel debit card or travel credit card, which will have a rate that changes with the market.