Woolworths crowned Australia’s best online grocery delivery service in 2021


If online grocery shopping and delivery wasn’t a service Australians were already familiar with, the pandemic and events of the past year have certainly put it on the radar.

Whether you’ve been getting your groceries delivered to your home for years, or you’re just starting to consider it as an option, you’ll probably be interested in knowing which is Australia’s best online grocery delivery service.

Well good news, because that’s exactly what our 2021 Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Online Grocery Service have revealed.

Which online grocery store should I shop with?

While there are a few different options on the market for Australians to choose between, Woolworths proved the standout in our awards.

Woolworths was just named the 2021 Online Grocery Service of the Year in the Mozo Experts Choice Online Grocery Service Awards – the second time in a row it has taken out the title.

In fact, Woolies totally swept the 2021 awards, taking out the titles in all four categories on offer: Cheapest Online Groceries, Online Product Range, Online Ordering Experience and Online Delivery.

“Woolworths has emerged as the outstanding Online Grocery Service provider once again, performing well on everything from price and product range to online ordering experience and delivery,” Mozo Expert Judge Peter Marshall said.

“The success in our latest Mozo Experts Choice Awards, as well as the recent Mozo People’s Choice Awards, just goes to show that Woolworths really is delivering in the online grocery space.”

As Marshall mentioned, the latest accolades add to what has been a successful few months for the supermarket giant.

In May, Woolworths was named the sole winner in all seven categories on offer in the ‘Online Supermarkets’ section of the 2021 Mozo People’s Choice Awards. Unlike the Experts Choice Awards, the People’s Choice Awards are based on the thoughts and ratings of everyday Australians.

What’s the cheapest grocery delivery service?

As part of the 2021 Mozo Experts Choice Awards our judges compared product prices between online grocery services in order to determine a winner in the Cheapest Online Groceries category.

After all, while shopping online might be more convenient, price is still going to be a big factor for most households.

To do this, a basket of 252 different comparable goods (including everything from bread and milk to vegetables, meat and household cleaning products) was picked to represent the needs of a ‘typical’ household.

All those items were then compared across the online grocery services, with variables such as the location and date of purchase taken into account.

So who came out on top? Woolworths was determined as having the cheapest online groceries according to our analysis.

What groceries can I order online and get delivered?

Not every single product offered in a supermarket is going to be available online, and vice versa, but there’s not much point ordering your groceries online if you’re favourite toothpaste or that fancy Swedish yoghurt you love isn’t available.

So, which online grocery delivery service is the best in terms of the range on offer?

In order to find out, our judges analysed a bunch of different categories at random, including: bakery goods, cheese, chocolate, feminine care products, fresh fruit, laundry liquid and powder, cooking oils, shampoo and conditioners, tea and coffee, lamb and yoghurt.

They then delved into how many varieties were available for order (e.g. cheddar or parmesan), the number of brands on offer (e.g. Bega or Mersey Valley) and the number of sizes available (e.g. 250g or 500g).

And once again, it was Woolworths that came out on top, taking out the 2021 Mozo Experts Choice Award for Online Product Range.

How can I order groceries online in Australia?

Getting groceries delivered to your door can now be as simple as jumping onto the website of your preferred supermarket. But like any online shopping venture, the experience you have along the way can make all the difference – especially if you’re doing it for the first time!

That’s why our judges compared the ordering process offered by different online grocery delivery services for the Online Ordering Experience award category. A number of different factors were considered here, including:

  • How easy the webpage was to navigate
  • How easy it was to view previous purchases and re-order products
  • How easy it was to find features such as search, filtering and sorting options
  • How much information was displayed about each product

Ultimately, after analysing those factors and more, Woolworths was named by our expert judges as having the best online ordering experience.

Getting online groceries delivered

Filling up your online cart with the items you want for the right price is one thing, but delivery is also going to be a pretty key consideration. And there are plenty of things to consider when getting your online groceries delivered, notably the cost involved and the delivery options available.

The good news is that our award judges have done the hard work for you by analysing which online grocery services offer the best delivery.

They assessed everything from the fees involved for different sized purchases, to the delivery spots available throughout the day and week, plus whether or not features like same-day delivery or tracking were available. 

In the end, Woolworths came out on top here too, taking out the 2021 Mozo Experts Choice Award in the Online Delivery category.

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Interested in seeing exactly how our judges made their decision? Check out our Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Online Grocery Service page for a full run through of the awards categories and a copy of the methodology report.