Pay 0% interest on your credit card spending this Christmas

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December is fast approaching … wild, right?  

Christmas will be here before we know it, so rather than be caught with a less-than-competitive credit card when shopping for gifts, now could be the time to snag a better deal. 

“Spreading the cost of Christmas is a must for many Aussies, especially given the year we’ve had,” Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont says. 

“By opting for a credit card offering 0% interest on purchases, you can avoid paying interest on purchases for anywhere from 6 to 17 months depending on the card you select. This can give you a much needed breather and a chance to repay your festive season spending before being hit with expensive interest charges.”

Say hello to 0% credit card interest for your holiday shopping 

According to the Mozo database, there are over 20 credit cards that have a 0% introductory offer attached to them. 

The offers range from 6 months to a generous 17 months, so you could set yourself up to have plenty of time to pay down your Christmas spending interest-free. 

But remember to plan your repayments according to the offer you choose because your rate won’t stay at 0% forever. In fact, the average revert rates for interest-free introductory credit card offers sits at 16.30%.  

Interested in an 0% intro offer? Check out some of these options below!

Compare 0% credit card offers

St. George Vertigo
  • 0% interest for first 7 months
  • 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Award^
  • Annual fee waived in the first year ($55 after)
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If you are after an interest-free credit card option this Christmas, the award-winning St.George Vertigo card could be what you need. It comes with a decent 0% interest introductory offer for purchases in the first 7 months (jumps up to 13.99% afterwards). Plus, this card also has a $0 annual fee in the first year, which reverts to a low $55 each year following that. The card is also available for use across Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayID and Samsung Pay.

BankSA Vertigo
  • 0% interest for first 7 months
  • 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Award^
  • Annual fee waived in the first year ($55 after)
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With the BankSA Vertigo card, there are more than a few perks. This card comes with a 0% interest rate introductory offer for purchases in the first 7 months (reverts to 13.99% after), as well as a waived annual fee in the first year. Plus, the fee remains low each year after that at only $55. This card is all about convenience this Christmas, as not only will you get a physical card but you can also use it via your smartphone with Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayID and Samsung Pay.

Bankwest Breeze Mastercard
  • 0% interest for first 15 months
  • Two 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Awards^
  • Low $69 annual fee
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Looking for a credit card option that will help you spread the cost of Christmas without overcharging on interest? The Bankwest Breeze Mastercard might be worth considering. Not only does this card come with a generous 0% interest rate for purchases in the first 15 months, it also has a low $69 annual fee attached to it. This card comes equipped with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Bankwest’s Payment Ring options. It’s no wonder one of the 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Awards it took home was for best Low Rate Platinum Credit Card.

Bank of Melbourne Vertigo
  • 0% for first 7 months
  • 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Award^
  • $0 annual fee in the first year
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Bank of Melbourne’s Vertigo credit card could be a savvy option for Aussie Christmas shoppers. If an interest-free offer is what you want, it’s what you’ll get with this card. Enjoy 0% interest on purchases for the first 7 months of holding the card (reverts to 13.99% after). Plus, if you also don’t like fees, you’ll be pleased to know that Bank of Melbourne waives the annual fee in the first year - meaning you won’t pay a cent until the second year when the fee becomes a low $55. This card also comes with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Pay ID and Samsung Pay options.

For more interest-free introductory offers, jump over to our credit cards comparison page.

^See information about the Mozo Experts Choice Credit Card Awards

^See information about the Mozo Experts Choice Credit Card Awards

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