Aussies ready for electric vehicles but stuck in neutral


From picking up the latest smartphone to downloading new apps, Aussies love getting their hands on the latest technology. 

And according to new research from the Electric Vehicle Council, our nation is more than ready to welcome in the latest way to travel. 

The State of Electric Vehicles Report 2020 revealed that not only were 3,266 electric vehicles (EV) purchased at the start of 2020, but 56% of Aussies would now consider purchasing an EV as their next car. 

“Our report is showing that Australian consumers want these cars,” chief executive of the council, Behyad Jafari said in an interview with The Guardian. 

“There is no controversy that the future of the industry is electric, but at the moment the industry is looking at different markets. We want policies that show [Australia] is going on this journey.”

‘Environmental benefits’ was the top reason given as to why Aussie drivers would consider purchasing an EV, followed by ‘lower running and maintenance costs’ and the ‘EV’s running performance’. 

Almost half (46%) of Aussies even mentioned they would use renewable energy to charge their EV, with 31% using the electricity generated from their rooftop solar or battery, while 14% would opt for an electricity plan that sources green power. 

However, EV cost and accessibility to charging stations are still holding Aussies back from taking the plunge.

Electric Vehicles still behind the pack

Despite the enthusiasm among everyday Aussies, the report also found that in 2019 EVs only accounted for 0.6% of all vehicle sales in 2019. 

According to Jafari, this could be due to a lack of policy development within the Australian government.  

“A big challenge for Australia is that every other developed country has vehicle standards and EV policies in place,” said Jafari. 

“We have repeatedly heard from car companies that they were planning to bring vehicles here, but Australia doesn't have that policy support.”

This idea was echoed among respondents, as two-thirds believe the government should be prioritising EV policies at a higher level than they do right now.

Other areas for improvement included:

  • Investing in public charging station networks 
  • Setting EV sales targets 
  • Providing tax incentives for EV owners 
  • Offering incentives and subsidies for home charging installations.

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