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Compare Queensland energy providers and save on your power bill

Are you paying too much on your QLD energy bill? Do an energy comparison check here at Mozo and see if you could potentially save by switching your energy provider. It’s fast and free and we compare energy plans from a range of energy providers in South East Queensland. Simply enter your postcode to find out if you’re eligible to switch.

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Does Mozo compare gas plans as well as electricity plans in QLD?

Yes, if you’ve got gas at your Queensland property we can also help to compare gas plans. There are a smaller number of energy providers offering gas plans in QLD so you might find that it is cheaper for you to have a gas plan with one energy provider and your electricity plan with another one.  

We don’t compare every energy plan from every energy provider that operates in Queensland. Our service will help you to compare your existing energy plan with current market deals so that you can see if there is a better energy deal available for you. For the full list of energy brands that we compare here on Mozo, see below. 

Will I need to pay to switch my energy provider if I use Mozo? 

It won’t cost you a cent to compare energy plans using our service. And provided you are on an open contract you will not have to pay any extra charges to switch your energy provider in Queensland. In case you are on a fixed term deal, you may have to pay a termination fee if you exit the contract before completion. 

If you are moving, many QLD energy providers do charge a connection fee for setting up the service to your new home, this charge is usually added to your first energy bill. 

How do I switch once I’ve found the best energy plan for me? 

You can switch and sign up to your new energy plan right here on Mozo. Our service is designed for you to do everything in one hit, from comparing plans available in your QLD postcode, to setting up your new energy account with the energy provider of your choice.  

You will need to have some key information on hand such as the supply address, your contact details and the meter number (NMI). You’ll be able to find this number on your existing energy bill. Once we’ve verified this information, you’ll receive a welcome pack from your new provider. There’s no need to contact your old energy provider, we do this and once the switch is confirmed and they will issue you with a final bill.

Why choose Mozo to compare energy?

Trusted expertise

Trusted expertise

A trailblazer in financial comparison since 2008, Mozo is used by millions of Australians each year.

We've got your back

We’ve got your back

Our energy comparison tools, guides and savings tips exist for one reason, to help you save money on your electricity bills.

Totally free

Totally free

Comparing with us is always free. No hidden fees and we remain transparent throughout every step of the process.

Find the right electricity deal for you. It’s simple.


Step 1. Search

Simply enter your postcode and get personalised results to suit your needs.

Compare plans

Step 2. Compare

See available electricity plans ranked by cost and compare deals side by side.


Step 3. Connect

Choose a plan. We’ll notify your old and new provider for a seamless switch.

How to compare energy in Queensland

If you live in the suburbs of Brisbane, the Gold Coast or other areas of South East Queensland, you can change your energy provider to save money.     

If you live in regional Queensland, you can also choose your electricity retailer. However you have the right to be supplied at the regulated prices which are set annually by the Queensland Competition Authority. This option is available if your property is connected to the Ergon Energy Network.

From shortlisting the best energy providers in your area to scouting a better deal with your existing energy retailer, Mozo’s free comparison tool can help you conveniently navigate the energy market. All you need to do is type in your QLD postcode or suburb into Mozo’s energy comparison tool and we’ll help you find the best energy package depending on your energy needs and usage patterns.

What to look for in a good energy plan

If many energy retailers operate in your suburb of Queensland, there will be a range of incentives for you to choose from. While some may try to attract you with ‘sign up’ offers, for example, 50% of your first bill, it’s important for you to look at what’s good for you beyond the introductory period. Here are some features that you should consider before you sign up for an energy plan:

  • Direct debit discount. No one likes to pay late payment fees and energy companies in Queensland will incentivise you to never skip a payment through a direct debit discount. You’ll still get your energy bill statement but on the payment date you don’t need to do a thing, the provider will directly debit your account. All you have to do is make sure your account has enough money on the payment date or you could end up with a missed payment fee plus an annoying bank fee. 
  • Pay on time discount. In addition to direct debit discounts with some plans you can slash a part of your energy bill by making your bill payments on time. 
  • Renewable energy options. If working towards a sustainable energy future for Australia is a priority for you, there is a wide range of energy plans that offer environment-friendly options. From installing solar panels to ensuring you sponsor energy produced from renewable sources, there’s a lot you can do.   
  • Convenient bill cycles. Sometimes stacking up your energy costs till the end of a quarter can result in a nasty bill shock. Some Queensland energy providers allow you to spread out the payments in regular instalments over the year, which is called bill smoothing, rather than pay on a quarterly basis, or they will offer monthly billing options. But do remember that this may involve ‘estimated’ bills that are predicted based on your usage history. While your provider will keep a check in case there is a gap between your estimated payment and actual spending, it’s a good idea to keep a track yourself.

Energy rebates available in Queensland

The Queensland government provides a number of energy rebates for gas and electricity. If you are a pensioner or senior, in Queensland you may be entitled to:
$340.85 per year (GST inclusive) for the Electricity rebate

$73.60 per year (GST inclusive) for a reticulated Gas rebate.

To be eligible for the rebate you must be the electricity account holder and also live alone or share your principal place of residence with your spouse or dependents. 
You apply for this rebate direct from the energy retailer. When you are comparing QLD energy plans here on Mozo, we can take any government rebates that you would be entitled to into account. Just answer yes to the question, “Do you have a concession card?”.  

Who is the best energy provider in QLD? 

When you are shortlisting energy providers, it is important to first understand that there is no one best provider for everyone. The cost of your bill will be completely different to your neighbour because your bill is determined by how much energy you use, your payment features and plan choices. So depending on how you want to prioritise different features such as cost, customer service or renewable energy, you can find a provider and plan that is the best for your home. 

Every year, Mozo’s energy experts compare energy plans and prices to determine the winners of the Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards. The winners in Queensland are different to those in Victoria but the analysis done by our team is the same for each state, a highlight of the plans and energy retailers that provide Australians with exceptional value for money. 

Here on Mozo you can also read up on what real customers think of their Energy provider before you sign up for a new plan. You can read energy reviews on our site from over 30 energy providers.              

Moving to Queensland - how to start searching for the best energy plan 

We understand that if you are new to the Sunshine State you won’t have an existing gas or electricity bill to compare prices against, but you don’t need to worry about that. We’ve collected data on the average energy costs across all QLD postcodes and can work out how much you could pay based on an estimated usage. 

Generally speaking it is a good idea to compare the available energy plans and arrange connection at your new property at least 2-5 days before you are due to move. Some electricity and gas providers only need 1 business day prior to your move get you connected, as long as there is safe access to the meter.

There is the option to select your move in date, when you use our energy plan search. This will enable us to provide you with a list of energy providers and plans that can connect your property or postcode on the date you select. 

Ways to reduce your energy bill

One of the easiest ways to reduce your energy bills is to switch to a cheaper energy plan or provider. If you’ve been with your current QLD energy provider for a long time, chances are, you could find a plan that will save you money, sometimes hundred of dollars a year. Why not check for yourself now by feeding in your postcode into Mozo’s energy comparison tool and see a list of energy plan and estimated costs available in your area.    

If you don’t have many options in terms of choosing your QLD energy retailer, you can still lower your energy bills by reducing the amount of energy you use at home. This will of course require some effort on your behalf but if you’re ready to get started, we’ve got some great tips in our energy savings hub.

FAQs on energy comparison in Queensland

How accurate are the price estimates on Mozo? 

Information on energy plans that you will see listed on the results page comes directly from each energy provider and is updated regularly to reflect the most recent tariffs and fees that will be applicable. 

If you want to get price estimates based on your actual energy usage at your QLD property, you will need to have a recent energy bill from your current energy provider. If you don’t have this information available, we can still give you price estimates but these will be based on average energy usage for your postcode. You may use more or less energy than the average.

I’ve got solar panels on my QLD home, can I still compare energy plans? 

Yes, our service includes energy plans that are solar compatible. You can also review the feed-in tariff rates for each plan to estimate the discount you’ll get for feeding back power into the grid. 

I’m renting, can I switch energy providers?

If you live in an area of Queensland where you can choose your electricity and gas provider, you will be able to switch as a renter as long as the energy bill is in your name. If you have your energy bill included in your rent, the responsibility for choosing an energy provider and plan will be up to the landlord. 

Is it cheaper to have my gas and electricity with the same QLD energy provider? 

Often, energy providers will offer customer incentives to bundle their gas and electricity plans like a percentage discount off your bill. This is often called a duel fuel bundle. While it is certainly convenient to have your energy bills and payments going to the same provider, it doesn’t always mean that this will be your cheapest option. 

With our service, you can sort between dual fuel plans and individual plans to find the best bundle for you. 

How long does it take to switch energy providers in QLD? 

Generally, the amount of time it takes to switch providers depends on when your meter was last read. It can take anything from a few days to three months until you start receiving your bills from the new Queensland energy supplier. 

Customers who are moving premises, typically need to give 2 to 5 business days of notice to their provider to move their energy account to the new address. If you need to move your energy account more urgently, you can call and request for them to transfer the account sooner.

Will I be left without power and gas to my home if I switch? 

One of the biggest misconceptions about switching energy plans is that there will be a disruption to your electricity and gas supply. This is not true. You will not notice any change at all to the supply of electricity and gas to your home, other than (hopefully) a lower power bill. 

How does Mozo make money?

Mozo makes money by helping energy providers connect with customers, like you, who are looking for a great energy deal. Most importantly our service is totally free to use and it is the energy providers competing for your business that pay Mozo, not you!

Mozo shares a fee with our partner, CIMET, who helps provide this service. This fee is paid when you complete an application and switch energy providers using our service.  Mozo may also earn revenue when energy providers purchase display advertising on our site or when we help them use the all the great data we’ve collected.

Picture of Ceyda Erem
Ceyda Erem
Money writer

Ceyda Erem is not only Mozo’s authority on all things Banking, she's also got the title as our lead energy writer. She loves to put her researching and writing talents into stories that help our readers to make more informed financial choices, whether that’s about finding the best energy deal or writing about the latest sneaky bank tricks. Ceyda has a Bachelor of Arts (major in writing) from Macquarie University. She is also  ASIC RG146 (Tier 2) certified for general advice.

*To calculate the potential savings figure Mozo identified the lowest plan provided by Mozo and highest cost plan in each energy distributor state region based on the average residential usage in that state. The costs data used across the state is current at 17 August 2020. Not all plans will be available via the Mozo energy comparison service. Your individual usage and location, along with which plan you are on and which plans are available on the Mozo site at any given time, will vary the savings you may be able to achieve using the Mozo energy comparison service.

Energy Provider Reviews

Origin Energy Electricity review
Overall 2/10
Random bill pricing and unethical company.

I have been on and off with Origin for years and their bills are incredibly erratic in pricing. I can never really trust that I am paying what I should be. I will change provider when next I move.

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I have been on and off with Origin for years and their bills are incredibly erratic in pricing. I can never really trust that I am paying what I should be. I will change provider when next I move.

Bill clarity
Customer service
Green Friendly
Michael, New South Wales, reviewed about 11 hours ago
Energy Locals Electricity review
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Good One Energy Local.

Great rates, the only thing I don't like is that it shows a total credit paid rather than dates and amounts paid (I pre-pay my bills by making weekly payments). I get my bills monthly. Great deals for Tesla power wall in SA.

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Great rates, the only thing I don't like is that it shows a total credit paid rather than dates and amounts paid (I pre-pay my bills by making weekly payments). I get my bills monthly. Great deals for Tesla power wall in SA.

Bill clarity
Green Friendly
Alison, South Australia, reviewed about 11 hours ago
Red Energy Gas review
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100% Australian Red Energy.

Competitive rates that were lower than my old provider, easy joining process. One of the main reasons I chose is that they are 100% Australian owned.

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Competitive rates that were lower than my old provider, easy joining process. One of the main reasons I chose is that they are 100% Australian owned.

Bill clarity
Alison, South Australia, reviewed about 15 hours ago

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Whether it’s laziness or a little knowledge on the subject, the average Aussie isn’t that keen to switch and save on their energy bill - and it’s costing us big time. New research from the St Vincent de Paul Society found that collectively, households are missing out on an eye-watering $500 million in energy savings by not switching to a cheaper deal. In fact, households across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia are paying up to $200 extra for electricity, despite previous news of prices falling. "Wholesale prices have come down significantly and there's also been changes to poles and wires prices," manager of policy and research at St Vincent de Paul Society, Gavin Dufty told the ABC in a recent interview. "That's washed through the electricity market, but we're really concerned that people haven't gone out there and refreshed their electricity accounts so those savings end up in people's pockets and not the pockets of the big multinationals."Dufty explained that there are up to six million Australian households in those four states that are still on expensive contracts with their retailers. Most of these customers were previously on contracts, which have now expired. As a result, the retailer has rolled them onto a default offer, which generally tend to be on the pricier side. "When you start to get price falls, [retailers] don't quickly come back to you and say 'here's all these savings you can have', they like to let you sweat a little bit because that's more money for them,” said Dufty.

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We’re sure you already know that having solar power as your electricity source is a great way to save on your energy bills. But given that solar panels can cost thousands, taking that first step can be daunting. If you’re thinking of making the switch to solar, we’re jotted down three ways you can cover the cost, plus their pros and cons.

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New sa pilot program to give concession holders free solar system

Any Aussie household can understand the value of switching to solar for their electricity source, and thanks to a new South Australian program selected households will get to experience it for free. Under the new Switch to Solar pilot program, around 1,000 South Australian concession holders will receive a free solar system, replacing the Annual Energy or Cost of Living concession. Households who are recipients of these concessions are given up to a total of $226.67 and $215.10, respectively each year. Meanwhile, this program is set to deliver participants an annual saving of $890 on their energy bill, according to the Marshall Liberal Government.“Our new Switch to Solar pilot is a win-win for everyone,” said Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink. “Not only is the Government injecting money into the economy and supporting vital jobs through the purchase of 1000 new solar panels, our concession holders will get big bill savings off their energy bills.”The suburbs chosen for this pilot are:

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South australians to benefit from new electricity deal

South Australian households doing it tough might be finally getting some energy bill relief, thanks to a new deal negotiated by the Marshall Liberal Government. From 1 January 2021, SA Origin Energy customers who use the SA Concession Energy Discount Offer (SACEDO) will now receive a 21% discount off the electricity reference price, up slightly from 20% previously. According to the Government of South Australia website, customers who take advantage of this offer are set to save an average of $384 a year, depending on their electricity plan. At the moment, more than 64,000 low and fixed income SA households are currently taking up the offer, however the Government is encouraging more than 145,000 eligible households to sign up. “We know that this year has been tough on South Australians, which is why it’s welcome news we can continue to build on electricity savings which are flowing onto our households,” said Minister for Human Services, Michelle Lensik. “In addition to the huge discounts on bills, this special offer boasts a range of other benefits, such as no late payment fees, no exit fees, and flexible payment options - small features that make a big difference.”Aside from the SACEDO offer, SA customers can also apply for the State Government’s annual energy concession of up to $231.41 during the 2020-21 financial year. This means that the total energy bill savings for households could hit $615.41. In order to be eligible for the SACEDO 21% discount offer, customers must:

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Covid 19 continues to create energy poverty for older australians

Almost every Aussie in lockdown last year braced themselves for a higher than normal energy bill. However new research from The Conversation has found that some households in particular fared worse than others. Older Australians who rely on the Age Pension as a source of income have been thrown into what’s called ‘energy poverty’, with many facing energy bills that were up to 50% higher than they were in 2019. In order to keep up with the high costs, many seniors resorted to cutting back on essential and non-essential spending, reduced the number of showers they took and even switched off the heater or air conditioner. This also meant that savings goals and other financial priorities were pushed aside to ensure their electricity bills were paid. “Even though I’m saving some money by not socialising, I can’t save money for potential emergencies as before. With the higher electricity bills and the new medical expenses, my capacity to save [has] reduced a lot,” an interviewee told The Conversation. But unfortunately, energy debt spread well beyond seniors during 2020. Figures from the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) revealed that long-term electricity debt for residential customers jumped to $124.5 million between 31 March 2020 and 2 November 2020. During this period more than 60,000 Australians also chose to defer their energy bills, allowing themselves some time to get back on their feet.

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