CSIRO solar battery to improve energy management in Aussie homes

CSIRO has leant its technical know how to a new intelligent home energy management system in a partnership with renewable energy start-up Evergen.

The system, which combines solar panels and storage batteries with smart technology, is the first of its kind to be launched in Australia, and is designed to constantly analyse a home’s energy use to improve efficiency.

Remotely managed by Evergen and regularly monitored by CSIRO, the system studies local weather as well as a household’s power consumption habits in order to make smart energy decisions, switching from solar to stored power.

The system, Evergen Chairman Stephen Dunne said, would benefit families all over Australia, by not only making homes eco-friendly, but also slashing power bills.

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CSIRO was responsible for developing Evergen's core energy management intelligence for the product.

"CSIRO has been at the forefront of solar and battery technology research for many years, and we are committed to the development of intelligent systems and tools which change the way we use energy," CSIRO Energy Director Peter Mayfield said.

"We know that consumers are viewing their household electricity differently and taking more control; intelligent systems allow them to do this with ease."

At the moment, the Evergen system is available in an early release program, and the second-stage release is set for January 2017. In the meantime, don’t get a shock from your energy bills - visit our energy comparison tool to find out what you should be paying.


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