Existing solar homes can now install Tesla Powerwall via Origin Energy

Households with existing rooftop solar systems can now install the Tesla Powerall battery using Origin’s new energy solution. Given that over 1.4 million Aussie homes are already using solar panels to control their electricity bills and support renewable energy, the latest technology could help more people access battery storage.   

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“Until now, the Tesla Powerwall could only be purchased and installed from Origin with a new solar PV system, but we are pleased to announce that homes with existing solar PV systems can now start benefitting from this storage solution,” says Phil Mackey, General Manager, Solar & Emerging Business, Origin.

Origin Energy announced its collaboration with Tesla to become one of the first Australian suppliers of its Powerwall battery in December last year. To begin with, the Powerwall battery was only available as a complete package with solar panels and an inverter, with prices starting from around $16,500.

Now, existing owners of solar panels can buy a Tesla Powerwall from Origin to pair with their system and inverter. The cost will fall under $10,000 for installations within 50 kilometres of Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney, and specific areas in northern Queensland.  

As for new customers, while they previously could only purchase the Tesla Powerwall from Origin when it came with a SolarEdge system, they’re now free to pair the battery with the full range of Origin’s solar systems.

The benefits of installing a home battery storage unit:

Self-consumption. Battery storage technology like the Tesla Powerall lets solar homes consume a larger portion of the renewable energy they generate at home and slash the amount of expensive electricity they need to buy from the grid. This will be particularly useful once the generous feed-in tariffs start dropping across different states.

Renewable power. More people generating and consuming solar energy at home is good for the environment and supports the growth of the sustainable energy sector in Australia.

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