Four NT solar farms ready but unused due to blackout fears

Solar farm panels in a field

The Northern Territory currently sits last in WWF’s rankings in how Australian states and territories are embracing renewable energy, with the list taking into consideration how much renewable energy is used throughout the areas as well as sold on.

However, a recent report shows that four completed solar farms in the state are ready for operation but cannot gain approval to be switched on.

The territory’s System Control has been accused of under-distributing available solar to homes despite its affordability, due to a fear of outages and a lack of stability. There are concerns over storage and reliability, despite the fact the territory’s 7% usage of renewables sits far below, and is barely rising towards, its goal of 30% by 2030.

With the solar farms ready to operate but unable to gain approval, the territory is now undertaking a tender process in order to see a new 35MW battery built in or around Darwin. The battery is planned to replace or reduce gas generation and support the rollout of more solar.

The battery storage available would allow System Control to manage changes in solar load caused by the dynamic energy source such as in increased cloud cover, allowing solar to become a more reliable power source and increase its usage in the territory.

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