Installing solar panels? New regulations coming to rooftop solar industry

Rooftop solar panels on house

An integrity review of Australia’s rooftop solar industry has been published by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER), with 13 recommendations that will see new rules and regulations enforced on accredited solar installers. 

The report was conducted to review the rooftop solar sector at the request of the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction. 

The 13 regulations focus on three distinct areas of operation, aiming to improve integrity and accountability in the rooftop solar sector and the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES):

  • Tightening SRES eligibility requirements for installers
  • Tightening SRES eligibility requirements for solar panels and inverters 
  • Promoting consumer outcomes, including adding new legal obligations on solar retailers under SRES.

While the regulations will be enforced on installers, customers with solar panels and those looking to get them installed will be impacted, particularly if making use of the SRES. 

The SRES provides a financial incentive to homes and small businesses looking to install rooftop solar panels, and most of the recommendations look to ensure that eligible installers operate reliably and comply with reporting guidelines. 

Due to concerns raised by industry bodies and professionals in the review, the current solar regulator, which is the Clean Energy Council (CEC), will hand most of its duties to the CER. While the CEC was praised for the job it had done thus far, it was found the CER would be better suited to monitor and enforce rules and compliance due to its greater abilities as a regulatory body. 

With a greater enforcement of tighter regulations, customers can rest easy knowing that quality components and products are being used in their rooftop solar installations. 

Customers interested in a rooftop solar installation need to sign up to an eligible energy plan with a provider that offers a solar tariff. You’ll also need to purchase and organize installation for your chosen solar system. 

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