One way to keep your energy bill costs low this winter

One week on from the annual July 1 energy price updates, many Aussie households may be preparing for a spike in their energy bills. 

And with increases of as much as 15% in New South Wales and 7% in Queensland, some households may struggle to keep up with their bills. 

But the good news is, no matter where you are in Australia, there’s an energy rebate around every corner. 

“Energy rebates can help take the pressure off your bill, but you’ll need to make sure you meet the criteria,” said Mozo Energy Expert, Nathan Warne. 

“Some of the types of households eligible for rebates include pensioners, low income households or those currently experiencing financial hardship.” 

So if you’re living in New South Wales, Victoria or Queensland, here are some energy rebates you could be eligible for. 

New South Wales 

The Family Energy rebate 

If you’re a family with dependant children, you could be eligible for the Family Energy rebate. All you’ll need to meet the criteria is be a NSW resident, have your name appear on your home’s energy bill and have received a Family Tax Benefit during the last financial year. 


Winter Gas Concession 

Between May and October 31, Victorian households can receive a discount of up to 17.5% on their gas bills. Customers should remember that this discount is capped and that they are required to present their Pensioner Concession Card, Health Care Card or Veterans Affairs Gold Card should they wish to apply. 


Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme 

The Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme is a one-off concession of up to $720. In order to be eligible, customers must own a concession card, be on a hardship program with their retailer and earn below the government’s maximum income for past-age pensioners.

Beyond government rebates 

Quarterly bill shock during the colder months is never fun for any household and can bring about a heap of financial stress. So if you think you could be better off paying your bill on a fortnightly or monthly basis, it might be worth checking in with your retailer to find out if they offer bill smoothing. 

Bill smoothing allows you to spread the estimated annual cost of your energy bill in easy to manage monthly, fortnightly or weekly installments. Just keep in mind that doing this could mean your retailer estimate the cost of your annual usage, which may not be entirely accurate. 

But if you think your household energy bill could be lower, one way to find out is by checking out our energy comparison tool.

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