ReAmped Energy ask their customers to leave and find better energy deals

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ReAmped Energy describe themselves as “not your typical power company” and their recent decision to encourage their customers to take their business elsewhere proves just this.

ReAmped says customers should move in order to save money on their energy bills.

We all know that energy prices are increasing significantly at the moment and saving money is on everyone's mind. In light of this, ReAmped Energy issued a statement that said it has no choice but to increase prices significantly, so changing providers is basically a good idea for its customers.

“The more customers we have, the higher our prices will need to go,” says ReAmped chief executive, Luke Blincoe.

ReAmped Energy launched in 2019 and exceeded 70,000 customers across parts of Australia prior to the start of the wholesale energy crisis.

Blincoe adds that ReAmped’s policy “has always been to be honest with customers” and says that the company's plan is to return to a price-leading position in the future. But for now, it wants to be honest with their customers and encourage them to look at switching providers ASAP in order to save money.

ReAmped has put a strong emphasis on the importance of customers acting fast to secure better energy deals while they still can.

“Please don’t delay. We know this is the last thing you would have expected to hear from us, but we are being straight with you. You joined us because you wanted cheap energy rates… but things have changed dramatically and very quickly – and the best thing you can do now is switch and save as much as you can,” Blincoe says.

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