Solar saving Aussie homes $2,500 in energy costs per year

Solar panels on roof of large home

With a greater number of Australians working from home seeing energy consumption rising nationally by as much as 27%, households with a rooftop solar and battery system could be saving as much as $2,500 per year. 

New research from smart energy retailer Discover Energy has found that the average customer is saving more than $200 by switching to a solar and battery system, and joining a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) network which stores and sells excess energy back to the grid.

While the VPP system allows for further storage and on-selling of energy produced by a household, the battery installed alongside rooftop solar panels allows for storage and distribution of that energy within the home during periods where sunlight isn’t readily available, such as night.

With monthly energy bills across the nation totalling $186.21 per 2-person household, according to a report from the Australian Energy Market Commission, Discover Energy found that customers across their VPP networks were cutting that cost as well as seeing an $85.65 credit on their bills. This equates to a saving of $212.47 per month.  

With most households using traditional energy sources paying around $1,520 per year for their power, Diamond Energy found those across the VPP networks were not only seeing that amount reduced to $0, but were also receiving more than $1,000 in credit for excess energy generated. 

Research from Diamond Energy showed that 82% of Australians see renewable power as the key to a greener future, with 67% planning on making the switch to solar in the future. 

With more than two million homes already featuring rooftop solar systems, and the technology beginning to reach generation levels above even coal at times, solar is a booming industry within Australia that continues to see significant growth. 

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