Tips for lowering your heating costs this winter

Interest rates keep on rising, petrol is at an all time high and let’s not talk about the price of buying a head of iceberg lettuce, and of course to follow suit;  the rising price of energy.

With inflation hitting its highest level since the 80s, more and more Aussies are needing to buckle down this winter and make wiser choices when it comes to their home heating, considering that heating and hot water costs tend to make up about half of your energy bill.

To help you out, here are some money-saving tips and tricks to help your budget go further whilst keeping your family and abode cosy this season.

  1. Turn the temperature down
    While a lot of people know that heating consumes a lot of energy, many are not aware that the temperature you set your heater at can also affect the cost of your usage. Try turning your thermostat down a degree or two and see how much you can knock off your heating expenses.
  2. Rug up
    This is a pretty obvious one, but once you have the home heating cranking, it’s one that can be easily forgotten. Layer up with some thermals, wrap yourself in a cosy bathrobe, or if you’re curled up on the lounge for the evening, a nice blanket can keep you snug as a bug.
  3. Be sun smart
    While you might see less of the sun during the winter months, it’s still around during certain times of the day, and using it to your advantage is easier than you think. Depending on how your home faces, leave blinds and curtains open when the sun hits certain rooms of the house and when it sets, close the blinds to trap in the warmth.
  4. Get baking
    Winter is the ideal time to eat comforting slow cooked meals and baked dinners; so why waste the extra warmth an oven can emit once your meal is done. Once you’re done using the oven, turn it off and when it’s at a safe temperature, open the oven door back. The residual warmth can do wonders for rooms adjoined to the kitchen.
  5. Don't let heat escape
    Keeping unused doors and windows closed during winter will ensure any hot air inside the home will remain there and not escape. It’s also smart to check door seals for any draughts to make sure your hot stays where it needs to.
  6. Use your ceiling fans
    Yes, you heard right! Many Aussies might not be aware that their ceiling fans have a switch that controls which way the air flows. In summer your switch should be blowing downwards to cool you off, but by switching your fan to blow upwards in winter, it will allow better circulation of warmth, because as we all learned in school; hot air rises!

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