World's largest renewable energy retailer to join Australian market

Solar panels in rows

The world’s largest private renewable energy retailer has secured its Australian license as it looks to launch down under. The Italian-based Enel Group plans to offer a ‘Green-tailer’ product that will combine renewables, virtual power plants and an electric vehicle charging option for customers. 

Enel Group has more than 70 million retail customers across markets such as the US, Spain, Italy and Brazil, and operates more than 51GW of renewable capacity across the world. It also operates the biggest solar farm in South Australia and is finishing construction on another in Victoria. 

Enel Group will draw on its Enel X subsidiary which has built up a 350MW ‘virtual power plant’ in Australia that combines rooftop solar, battery storage systems and electric vehicle charging solutions. 

“There are a lot of players in the market,” the head of Enel X in the Asia Pacific, Jeff Renaud said. “But we’re still confident that we have something unique to say and to offer to customers.”

Enel Group’s offering will allow customers to decarbonise their energy usage by bringing clean power into their home, while participating in the virtual power plant means customers have the opportunity to earn money from solar panels installed on their rooftop. 

Customers will also access Enel Green Power’s innovative renewable energy mix. 

The company says that as its customer base grows, so too will Enel Green Power’s diversified asset base, which will in turn, service any growing demand. 

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