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Bank of Queensland car insurance

Starting life as a building society back in the 1870s, the Bank of Queensland has been around in one shape or another for well over a century. Since its inception, it has continued to grow and has been listed under its current name, Bank of Queensland (BOQ for short) on the Australian Stock Exchange since 1970.

Today BOQ offers a wide range of banking and financial services, including insurance. Included in BOQ’s insurance portfolio are car insurance, home and contents insurance and landlord insurance. Keep scrolling to read more about what types of car insurance BOQ has to offer. 

Bank of Queensland offers the following car insurance policies

Rates and fees verified as correct at 23 May 2022. Other information correct at the time of writing.
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Product Monthly premiums available Maximum no claim discount Online discount Choice of repairer
Comprehensive Car Insurance


up to 65%



Who is Bank of Queensland underwritten by?

The Bank of Queensland offers insurance underwritten by Vero, one of Australia’s largest insurance companies. Vero has over 180 years of experience in the insurance industry and offers its products exclusively through insurance brokers and authorised agents.

What types of car insurance does Bank of Queensland offer?

BOQ offers two main types of car insurance - comprehensive and third party property damage. You can also choose to up your third party cover by adding an optional fire and theft benefit.

What does BOQ’s comprehensive car insurance cover?

Generally speaking, comprehensive car insurance is the highest level of cover you can get for your wheels. Some noteworthy features of BOQ’s comprehensive policy are the ability to choose either market or agreed value, choice of repairer with a lifetime guarantee on authorised repairers, accessories cover and hire car cover following a theft or not-at-fault accident.

Other features of BOQ’s policy include:

There is also no extra charge to pay your premium monthly and up to $100 cover for a taxi fare to get you home after an accident. That is if your car cannot be driven and you are within 100km of your home. 

What optional extras does BOQ’s comprehensive car insurance offer?

There are a few optional extras available with Bank of Queensland’s comprehensive cover, these are:

It should be noted that all of these optional extras will up the overall cost of your premium.

More FAQs on Bank of Queensland's car insurance.

Does BOQ offer roadside assistance?

Unfortunately no, BOQ does not offer roadside assistance. You can however, purchase this separately from other car insurance providers.

What does BOQ’s third party car insurance cover?

Bank of Queensland’s third party car insurance provides cover for damage you may cause to someone else’s property. This includes up to $20 million of legal liability. BOQ may also provide cover if your car is damaged by an uninsured driver.

Plus, you can increase your third party cover with optional fire and theft protection for your vehicle. This includes cover for an attempted theft, theft, fire, lightning and an explosion.

How much does BOQ comprehensive car insurance cost?

The cost of car insurance is called a premium and with BOQ you can pay this annually or monthly, at no extra cost. Factors that may affect the price of your premium are:

Does BOQ offer any discounts on comprehensive car insurance?

As well as the factors listed above, discounts may also have some bearing on the premium you pay. The main discounts on offer with this comprehensive car insurance policy are:

  1. A no claims bonus

  2. A lifetime no claims bonus protection

  3. and a loyalty bonus

How does BOQ’s no claims bonus work?

A no claims bonus is a discount a number of car insurance providers offer as a reward for driving safely. For each year that you do not make a claim that affects your no claims bonus, your discount will increase by one level, until you reach the maximum discount level.

The discounts are as follows:

No claim bonus


Renewal discount

Level 1 or 2



Level 3



Level 4



Level 5



Level 6



If you make a claim that affects your no claims bonus, your discount level may decrease.

What types of excess does BOQ offer?

BOQ has five types of excess that may apply to your claim, depending on what is listed on your policy. These are:

How do I make a claim?

If you need to make a claim with BOQ you can call 1800 675 511. BOQ will give you advice on whether to take your car to an Assessing Centre or to a repairer.

How is BOQ car insurance rated?

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Bank of Queensland car insurance

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