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Mozo editorial review Virgin Money Comprehensive Car Insurance - last updated: 29 March 2021

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What's hot
  • New car replacement (under 2 years or 40,000km)
  • 15% buy online discount for the first year of cover
  • Hire car cover after theft or not-at-fault accident
What's not
  • $600 young driver excess
  • Monthly repayments cost extra
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Are you after a low-cost car insurance policy with plenty of flexible features? Virgin Money’s comprehensive policy might just be the ticket. It’s packed with coverage for items in your car and the four-wheeled structure itself, plus handy inclusions if your car is involved in an accident or crime. Take all that protection and slap a few of the discounts Virgin Money offers on top and you’ve got yourself a great-value insurance policy.

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Key features

Like many comprehensive car insurance policies, this one ticks off major natural disasters, accidents and theft when covering your vehicle at an agreed upon value or at market price. You’ll also be sorted if you damage other cars or property, and can expect specific coverage for things like personal property (up to $500), baby capsules (up to ($500) and trailers (up to $1,000).

After an accident, you can book in for towing (if the vehicle is unsafe to drive because of the damage) and essential repairs which Virgin Money will cover, and can you claim a certain amount of travel and accommodation costs. If your car is stolen or if you’re in a not-at-fault accident, you’ll be eligible for hire car cover up to 14 days (or up to $1,000) – at-fault cover can be included as an optional extra.

There are a couple of other things which also come optionally at price bumps, like reduced excess windscreen cover, having your own choice of repairer and protection for if you break your no claims discount.

Speaking of discounts – there are a few we better mention. That no claims discount can go as high as 15% of your premium, and you’ll knock another 15% off in the first year simply by applying for your policy online.

Who is it good for

Anyone after far-reaching cover who can take advantage of safe-driving and online discounts.

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Any catches

If you’re a young or inexperienced driver (under 21 or with less than 2 years driving history), there is an additional excess of $600. And if you want to pay your premium in monthly instalments, it’ll cost extra.


Rates and fees information correct as at 2 August 2021. Mozo has robust processes to ensure our site is updated to reflect the latest information from providers. There may be the odd occasion where updates are delayed, so please confirm information before purchasing.
Discounts and excesses

Yes costs extra

$500 - $1,850

$600 for drivers under 21, $500 for drivers aged 21 to 24 inclusive, $600 for unlisted drivers, $500 for inexperienced drivers over 25.

not disclosed (NSW)
not disclosed (SA)
not disclosed (ACT)
not disclosed (QLD)
not disclosed (WA)
not disclosed (VIC)
not disclosed (NT)
not disclosed (TAS)

5 years

15% discount on first year’s premium


Maximum no claim discount is protected for life against no-fault claims, after 2 years having held no claim discount protection already. Others can purchase protection for extra premium.

Restricted Drivers Discount available

Service features

Optional Extra

Optional Extra




Coverage summary

Agreed or Market

Yes - within 2 years or 40,000 kilometres of original registration, whichever comes first

Up to $500 if damaged or stolen.

Yes - standard excess. Option to reduce windscreen excess to $40 for an additional premium.

Up to $500

Reasonable towing costs. Up to $1,000 travel and accommodation costs (max $200 per day).

Yes - Up to 14 days, max $1,000 total.

Not at fault - Yes. At fault - Optional Extra, up to 14 days.

Yes - legal liability cover when using a substitute vehicle.

Up to $1,000 for trailer only.

Up to $1,000 if stolen.

Up to $500

Covered only if agreed in writing.

$5,000 within 12 months of accident.


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