WorldFirst international money transfers

WorldFirst is an international money transfer (IMT) provider that started in the UK in 2004 and has since expanded to Australia, Europe and Asia. It aims to help businesses move their money around the world in the fastest and most cost-effective way. Here in Australia it is authorised and regulated by ASIC, offering a competitive alternative to the banks when transferring money overseas. WorldFirst offers such good value that it bagged Mozo Experts Choice Awards for best value International Money Transfer provider in 2020 and 2018. 

WorldFirst Foreign Exchange rates

Rates and fees verified as correct at 27 May 2024. Other information correct at the time of writing. Advertiser disclosure.

With WorldFirst you can pretty much transfer money to anywhere in the world, from the US to Indonesia. Here on Mozo we compare rates for some of the more popular currencies, and below you’ll be able to use our tool to see today’s exchange rates from WorldFirst. Just plug in how much you want to transfer, where you want to transfer it and our tool will do the rest.

Currency At today's WorldFirst Rate, 1 AUD buys* Indicative amount transferred for 10,000 AUD
Mozo logo UAE Dirham (AED)
AED2.4343 AED 24,343 Go to site
Mozo logo Canadian Dollars (CAD)
CAD0.9004 CAD 9,004 Go to site
Mozo logo Swiss Francs (CHF)
CHF0.6034 CHF 6,034 Go to site
Mozo logo Chinese Yuan (CNH)
CNH4.7705 CNH 47,705 Go to site
Mozo logo Danish Krone (DKK)
DKK4.5333 DKK 45,333 Go to site
Mozo logo Euros (EUR)
EUR0.6074 EUR 6,074 Go to site
Mozo logo Great Britain Pounds (GBP)
GBP0.5176 GBP 5,176 Go to site
Mozo logo Hong Kong Dollars (HKD)
HKD5.1475 HKD 51,475 Go to site
Mozo logo Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
IDR10622.2835 IDR 106,222,835 Go to site
Mozo logo Indian Rupee (INR)
INR55.0404 INR 550,404 Go to site
Mozo logo Japanese Yen (JPY)
JPY103.4443 JPY 1,034,443 Go to site
Mozo logo Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
MYR3.1235 MYR 31,235 Go to site
Mozo logo Norwegian Krone (NOK)
NOK6.9748 NOK 69,748 Go to site
Mozo logo New Zealand Dollars (NZD)
NZD1.0764 NZD 10,764 Go to site
Mozo logo Philippine Peso (PHP)
PHP38.564 PHP 385,640 Go to site
Mozo logo Saudi Riyal (SAR)
SAR2.4857 SAR 24,857 Go to site
Mozo logo Swedish Krona (SEK)
SEK7.0301 SEK 70,301 Go to site
Mozo logo Singapore Dollars (SGD)
SGD0.8899 SGD 8,899 Go to site
Mozo logo Thai Baht (THB)
THB24.3213 THB 243,213 Go to site
Mozo logo United States Dollars (USD)
USD0.6589 USD 6,589 Go to site
Mozo logo South African Rand (ZAR)
ZAR12.2224 ZAR 122,224 Go to site
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Must knows about transferring money with WorldFirst

When making international money transfers there are two T’s you want to get familiar with: 

  • Transfer Speed: Transfers for major currencies are normally received on the same day, depending on when the transfer is made. For other currencies, it usually takes an additional 1 – 3 working days. The speed of payment depends on a few factors, including the currency, the payee’s bank and country, and the size of the transaction. In some cases a payee’s bank may take an additional working day to credit their account.
  • Transfer Fees: The fees you'll have to pay each time you make a transfer will depend on the location of you and your payee, as well as and the currency you want to convert to.
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WorldFirst Products and Services

Depending on how quickly you want or need your money transferred to your overseas destination you have several WorldFirst products to choose from. Your options are:

Spot contracts

Need to make a deposit to lock in a supplier contract pronto? A spot contract is what you’re after. With this option, WorldFirst offers you a rate based on the live exchange rate on the day.

Forward contracts

Heard rumours that exchange rates are about to drop and you want to lock in a rate but aren’t ready to make your transfer just yet? With a WorldFirst forward contract, you can fix your rate up to 2 years in advance to facilitate payments for identifiable goods or services. 

You’ll likely need to pay a deposit but the balance will not be due until the end of the contract. The good news is you’ll know exactly how much you will get when you are ready to make your transfer. With forward contracts, there are some risks that the rate moves against you so might have to top up your deposit if this happens.

Regular payments

Started your own custom design t-shirt business and need to regularly pay your suppliers based in China? Whatever the reason you need to transfer money internationally, WorldFirst can automate your payments. To help with your budgeting there’s even flexibility to lock in a rate or convert it at the rate on the day of the transfer.

Firm order

Don’t have the time to monitor exchange rates all day but know the rate you want to exchange at? WorldFirst can do the monitoring for you. You tell them the rate you want, then when the market gets to that rate they’ll book it for you. They also do the same thing in reverse, so if you tell them your worst rate and the rate reaches this and looks like it’s going further south, they will book it for you.

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Why use WorldFirst for IMT?

You’ve got plenty of options these days when it comes to making an international money transfer. Here are some of the reasons to consider using WorldFirst:

  • More competitive exchange rates than the major banks
  • Safe and secure. WorldFirst has been around since 2004 and is fully licensed and regulated with ASIC
  • Easy as - you can make transactions 24/7 via the online portal
  • Be in the know – whether it’s rate alerts, live graphs or daily economic updates you’re interested in, WorldFirst has options to keep you updated on matters that will affect your money
  • It’s won numerous awards covering everything from customer service (UK
    Customer Experience Awards 2013, to business growth (Investec Hot 100, 2012 & 2013)
  • Did we mention it won a Mozo Experts Choice Award?

Visit WorldFirst website

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How to transfer money with WorldFirst

Before you’ll be able to make an overseas money transfer with WorldFirst, you’ll need to register for an account online. It takes around ten minutes to complete the registration process, and as soon as your identity has been confirmed you’ll be able to make a transfer.  

There are three steps to making a money transfer:

1. Lock in a rate: In order to make a foreign currency transfer, you will need to know the amount in foreign currency you want to send & the supplier's business bank details. WorldFirst will then quote you a rate for that trade.

2. Transfer funds to WorldFirst: You’ll receive an email confirmation which will confirm your trade along with the details of where to send your funds and by when. You can transfer your funds to WorldFirst via bank transfer.

3. Funds released: Upon receiving settlement of the trade, WorldFirst will convert the funds and transfer the funds to the business account requested by you.

Some extras you might want to know:

  • While WorldFirst are able to make a same-day payment for US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros you should allow up to 4 days for your funds to be cleared.
  • When you book a trade with WorldFirst you will receive notification of a ‘funds in’ date. If your payment has not been cleared by the date on your trade confirmation your payment will not be sent.
  • Be sure to carefully check the account details of where you want your money to be sent as WorldFirst cannot be held responsible for funds that are sent to a wrong account.
  • When you open an account with WorldFirst, you will have access to 10 different virtual currency accounts under your own company name that you will be able to use to receive money from your customers and pay your suppliers.
  • In the very unlikely event that your funds don’t show up in your beneficiary's account in the expected timeframe, let WorldFirst know and they will investigate and liaise with you regularly until it is sorted out.

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*The exchange rates offered by each provider are indicative exchange rates that have either been supplied by each provider or gathered by Mozo. Exchange rates fluctuate constantly and as a consequence the exchange rates listed here may vary to the actual exchange rate you are quoted by a provider. Please ensure you confirm the actual exchange rate with the relevant provider prior to conducting any transaction. These exchange rates are updated every hour.