Types of Student Savings Accounts

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You'd think the hardest part about saving should be the saving, and deciding where to put your money would be a relative breeze. But then, what would banks do without all their fine print? Here are the major student savings account types:

Instant access student savings accounts

PROS: Flexibility of moving money to your student transaction account.
CONS: Lower standard interest rates.
PERFECT MATCH: The Disorganised.

Intro rate student savings accounts

PROS: Ooh, we love a higher introductory rate!
CONS: Ugh, we tire of this lower standard rate.
PERFECT MATCH: The Commitment-phobe.

Online student savings accounts

PROS: Typically fee free; easy to access.
CONS: No human contact.
PERFECT MATCH: The Tech-savvy Misanthropist.

Minimum deposit student savings accounts

PROS: High ongoing interest rates; regulated student savings.
CONS: Less or no interest if you miss a payment; typically no withdrawals.
PERFECT MATCH: The Accountant.

Minimum balance savings accounts

PROS: High ongoing interest rates; typically some flexibility on withdrawals above minimum balance.
CONS: Less or no interest if your balance dips.
PERFECT MATCH: The Aspirational.

*Note that you'll also find combinations of these student account types, such as the Commitment-phobic misanthropist (or Online Instant Access Account).

Student term deposits

Yes okay, student term deposits are actually a different family — your savings-in-law. But let's check em out all the same, to see whose genes rule supreme...

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