Australian travel insurers…reviewed, rated and crowned

Australian travel insurers…reviewed, rated and crowned

The July holidays will soon be upon us, which means you can ditch the sweaters for a stint and jetset to the balmy tropical destination of your choice.

Of course, if your holiday hotspot is somewhere overseas, you will need to take some competitive travel insurance with you. So if you’re looking for a standout policy, check out these travel insurance providers that took out the top spots in the Mozo Experts Choice Travel Insurance Awards and were found to be 56% cheaper than the average price of other providers.

Travel Insurer of the Year – InsureandGo

It’s no wonder InsureandGo took out awards in five categories across the Experts Choice Awards, when you consider that all its standard policies come with unlimited overseas emergency medical assistance and hospital expense, plus other generous cover across luggage and personal effects, additional accommodation and travel, and personal liability. Here are the awards InsureandGo took home:

  • Best Value Basic Cover
  • Best Value Comprehensive Cover
  • Best Value Multi Trip Cover
  • Best Value Seniors Basic Cover
  • Best Value Seniors Comprehensive Cover

And here are the other winners that were awarded in multiple categories:

  1. Virgin Money – Best Value Basic Cover, Best Value Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  2. Woolworths – Best Value Basic Cover, Best Value Basic Cover for Seniors
  3. 1300 Travel Insurance – Best Value Comprehensive Travel Insurance, Best Value Multi Trip Cover
  4. FastCover – Best Value Comprehensive Travel Insurance, Best Value Seniors Comprehensive Cover

* Mozo assessed 159 travel insurance policies from 62 travel insurers for the Mozo Experts Choice Travel Insurance Awards. Quotes were obtained from travel insurance provider websites between 7 April and 30 April 2015.

Top travel insurance tips

1. Search for unlimited medical cover: We are pretty lucky in Australia with Medicare meaning a hospital stay won’t cost us an arm and a leg. Unfortunately the same doesn’t apply when you jetset around the world, as a stint in an overseas hospital could result in a hefty hospital bill spiralling into the hundreds of thousands. So make sure you compare travel insurers and choose a policy with unlimited medical cover to protect yourself financially.

2. Take out travel insurance early: Often finding a policy is last on the travel to do list but if you find that you’re unable to travel due to injury or illness, you won’t be reimbursed for cancellation if you left taking out travel insurance to the last minute. So always purchase cover when you book your flights and/or tours. Keep in mind, you only need travel insurance for the dates you’re away to be covered for cancellations.

3. Check for exclusions: Just because you took out travel insurance doesn’t mean you’ll be protected, as partaking in certain activities (AKA bungee jumping, sky diving or even skiing) could void your cover. We even found a policy that stated an injury from playing beach footy would mean you wouldn’t be covered. A good rule of thumb is to always read the fine print and if an activity you will be doing voids your insurance then consider a more comprehensive policy.

4. Tell the insurer about any pre existing medical conditions: Another factor that could void your cover is a pre existing illness or injury that your insurer doesn’t know about. Avoid the pain of not being covered by informing your policy provider of any medical conditions before you travel (this includes pregnancy).

5. Find out the risk of the country you’re visiting: Jetsetting to countries of unrest is also likely to mean you are not covered. So check the Government’s Smart Traveller website to see if the country you’re jetsetting to is listed as a “do not travel” country.

Want more savvy tips for jetsetting abroad? Then head on over to our travel money hub with everything an avid globetrotter needs for a thrifty trip.

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